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Blowing In The Wind...And Detecting!
Posted by: Bell-Two
Date: April 17, 2018 11:49AM
Again the weather here in Ohio has been chaotic, a day of warmth, then rain next snowstorm and tornadoes! And the wind at times has been incredible, on a couple of warmer days we had constant 30-40 mph winds with gusts over 50 mph! Well if you want to detect you go and hope you don’t get blown away. We did a long trek, approximately a mile and a half through almost knee high corn stubble…well don’t let anyone tell you that detecting is not a contact sport! Caught my foot on a tough bit of stubble and down I went and did a face plant, broke my glasses and cut my cheek….but I carried on anyway. The site was on the 1870’s map and we found it right where I thought it would be….and nothing but junk…and more junk…one thing Diane did find a Cow Tag! We then went to another site and the only find was a sad iron that I carried out. We then went to an adjacent field and Doug was able to save our honor with a nice 1828 Large Cent! Our next outing was on one of those incredible windy days where we went back to the 1820’s field where we have done very well again we were not disappointed although the targets are getting fewer, I got an N/D Large Cent and Diane got a Conestoga bell. On the way out she found her first Native American Artifact a nice large Flake Knife. The next day was her birthday and what does a Dayton Digger do on her birthday? She goes out digging! We decided to do a couple of fields that we haven’t detected for some times, first was a bust, the second which we call the iron field lived up to it’s name but Diane did find a green disc, the size of a KG Half Cent but really wiped…we and others have not been able to give it an ID as of yet. The third field gave up a very nice 1865 Indian Head to my Deus. Hoping weather changes for the better but soon the fields will be planted and the season over.


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Re: Blowing In The Wind...And Detecting!
Posted by: ironman200081
Date: April 17, 2018 02:57PM
Way to persevere and and get on the old coppers. I am glad the fall didn't ruin your modeling career, Tony! All kidding aside, I am happy to hear that you weren't injured too bad. Corn stubble can be a hazard.

Bryan in Missouri
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Re: Blowing In The Wind...And Detecting!
Posted by: sgoss66
Date: April 18, 2018 06:32AM
Nice digs -- even if they were fewer than you'd hoped! Sorry about the blood/injury! Who would have thought you'd be sporting a "battle scar" after a day detecting a corn field!


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