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For those that have the ctx and nox
Posted by: sube
Date: April 20, 2018 02:59PM
I have only 2 hunts with the nox instead of leaving the ctx behind and using just the nox take them both with you and check targets between the 2 I have found 3 targets that the ctx would not have alerted me to that the nox had told me there was a coin there or some non-ferrous metal .The ctx gave me a target trace in the same place as the id did on the nox but no audio so I really didn't try different settings with the ctx time was not on my side .

Here's the thing about using 2 different metal detectors, I think people who take them both will understand how to use both detectors better than if you only had one such as why the ctx gives a better target id than the nox on a certain target or the nox finding a target that the ctx gives no audio .Now by using different settings which I did not have time you will be able to dial in each detector for the best response if possible and understand why one detector locates and one does not .

Again these are wild targets with halos of iron and ground minerals and co-located targets intact what better testing ground than air test nail board test and so on . You might not find many coins because of all the checking and setting changes but rest assure that thing between your ears is going to get a PhD in audio id target trace and so on .

Randy aka digger said it best conductive targets don't always lock on with a positive TID number, or provide a consistent audio tone. The beauty of the EQUINOX, as you well know, is it's ability to sort through the trash, separate targets and provide enough information to make us stop and dig. HH Randy

This well also apply to the ctx or any machine now if the 33 inches of snow I got melts I may get out again this year lol. sube

Re: For those that have the ctx and nox
Posted by: sgoss66
Date: April 20, 2018 09:20PM
sube --

Very good post.

I have had a few moments when using the Equinox where something has happened where I get an "education" about the CTX...without even USING the CTX at that moment...

Hard to explain, but you are right. Learning/using two different detectors can definitely teach you things you wouldn't learn by using only one or the other...


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