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Target Trace and Target Trace Pinpoint
Posted by: tcp
Date: April 30, 2018 06:21AM
I have been hunting in the default coin mode with ferrous coin and pitch hold selected. The only other change that I make to the program is to check the Target Trace and Target Trace Pinpoint boxes. I noticed that on silver coins that are deeper than five inches neither target trace or target trace pinpoint are showing much of a red circle or smear on the screen. Sometimes I can detect a small area of red but most of the targets show an empty circle even if they are silver. I have also tried an air test with several different coins, both clad and silver, with the same results. It seems anything over 5" does not give a good red reading on the screen. I know that the machine gives several other ways to identify targets but I was just wondering if others have the same results with target trace and target trace pinpoint. Thanks for any comments.

Re: Target Trace and Target Trace Pinpoint
Posted by: IDXMonster
Date: April 30, 2018 06:30AM
Yes,I have. I find it to be useful to about the 6-7” mark,depending on the situation. It’s good for going through trashy places but it’s not known to be a super deep tool. That being said,I love the accuracy of the machine and all of its “onboard toys”. Truly a Cadillac....:smile:

Re: Target Trace and Target Trace Pinpoint
Posted by: sube
Date: April 30, 2018 08:50PM
Pinpoint sizing well give the best trace if you don't get trace 1 way change directions and sweep again sometimes the coin is angled and trace will build better one way than the other . When I say sweep that's 5 times remember it builds with each sweep I can generally get some blue at 8 to 9 inches in clean ground not much and if you look closer it will be a weak shade of grey blue hard to see in sunlight . sube

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