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Good stuff im finding in the heat
Posted by: utahshovelhead
Date: August 11, 2018 11:06AM
I don't see a lot of new posts on our CTX forum. I like to see how you all are doing but it seems to have slowed down. Out here in the west it is miserably hot and I assume not as much is going on right now SO...I thought I would just post a short note about how things are going for me....IN THE HOT sun as I have'nt posted for some time.

SOrry no pics...but here we go.

I've about melted into a pool of lard when I go out hunting but somehow I manage to keep a cool drink in the backpack.

beach site 2 14 K gold rings
5 silver dimes,
1 cool silver pendant thingy
and 8 wheaties
all 8 inchs and 9 inches deep

ON a tear down Iv'e been hunting at nights;
1 1905 or 8 barber Quarter
4 Mercs
3 indian heads
17 wheaties
1 beer token
several tax tokens all corroded
1 silver ring
clad but I don't add them up

at 100 days and 88 at nights with no rain for days these are super hard hunts. I dont even see people walking at night when its that hot. so I got the place to myself and no one asking how im doing. lol.
Problem is the Cops are driving around with no one out so they tend to scrutinize the mischief I'm up to.

Well maybe you reading this are also wanting to read more about how the hunt goes and answer less questions about the CTX. lol

Anyway, hope to see more finds .


Re: Good stuff im finding in the heat
Posted by: IDXMonster
Date: August 11, 2018 09:10PM
Oh yeah,we are hunting around here Shov,and finding lots of stuff too. Not quite what YOU have going on but doing well. I think the guys who know what the CTX does don’t need to “boost it up”,they just go hunt. Most of the CTX conversations about “how what when where and why” have taken place already. The newer guys just go look in the archive(I hope). Anyway,at least I’m trucking along and it’s hot here too. Not as hot as Utah I’m sure,but the humidity is unreal!
Keep doing what you do and keep things alive here,I’ll do the same when I’m not hunting!:smile:

Re: Good stuff im finding in the heat
Posted by: sgoss66
Date: August 12, 2018 01:28AM
Glad to hear you are having some success, Shovelhead! It's been hot here, too, in Oklahoma, but we've cooled down a bit recently and have gotten some rain, so I'm headed out Tuesday morning with the CTX and Equinox.

CONGRATS on your digs!! Sounds like you are making the most of the hot summer by finding some cool stuff!


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Norman, OK

Re: Good stuff im finding in the heat
Posted by: utahshovelhead
Date: August 19, 2018 02:14PM
Went out again Sat morning early as we had a little rain the evening before and temps were down about 10 degrees to 87. There is no shade out there so I left about 3.5 hours later. due to too much sun reflection and plain worn out.
But I had one of the best hunts I've had since last fall.

5 rings...two silver, one ? and a wedding set with diamond. Unbelievable find this wedding set of two rings. They were a complete surprise as they registered 2 inches deep and 3 inches apart. The only thing i've dug here that is only 2 inches deep is aluminum so I was at first bla bla thinking it was can slaw. But the tone was really sharp and the red "eye" dot was very sharp and I could see two nice red shapes. I liked the sound and thought well ill clean this out anyway. The first ring with the diamond rolled out of my blade/ scoop. I was so shocked that I didnt pick it up but instead tested the other signal to see what it could be, with my pin pointer I found the engagement ring. Never found a set before. its probably 60 years old. very nice shape. less than a 1/2K diamond but...hey a diamond. I don't find many of those.

Also pulled a 1942 walker half out of a hole that was not 10 feet from someone else's poorly covered dig. Before I walked off I tested the hole and ....a silver quarter down there too.9 inches, Nice. I still got a signal after the two coins but it was one of those half baked kind that your not sure of and very very deep. Knowing that it could be gold coin with the age of the two other coins I dug like heck for half an hour in all directions and could never find what was making that sound. I tried adjusting the ctx all kinds of ways to see if it could make a better signal but could not get a real nice signal. I still felt like there was a possibility of a gold coin and didn't want to dismiss something like that so I seriously dug the heck out of that hole till about 2 feet wide and 1.5 feet deep. I still have that wonder what that was and normally would have just left it the minute I see it would not pinpoint onto something tight or after I dug the dirt out deep to check and see. I came back to that hole like 3 times and checked...still a half baked signal not pinpointing, very deep. I gave up. but ...knowing me I may go back to that if i get the chance and check again. lol. I should note to you that I have on many occasions had a good signal, dug a bit and lost the signal and dug down again then found the good target. Something about disturbing the top 8 inches in this place will loose your halo and signal of deep object.s I know this and am very careful to keep digging.

two rings came as what I thought were silver dimes in signal. and one of them I was just checking what a 12 2 would be at 7 inches and up came a silver color ring with no mark, very shiny, but only 12 02 not sure what metal that would be.

Also, found 2 more Buffalo, and 5 silver dimes, 3 of them mercs. and a number of wheat Indians.
A bit of trash too.

I can't wait for the cooler weather to get here and spend more than 4 hours at this area.
I know Im not the only one hunting there cuz I see quite a bit of tracs and holes dug.

Anyway , just trying to liven up the forum, hoping you enjoy reading about the CTX finds.


Re: Good stuff im finding in the heat
Posted by: utahshovelhead
Date: August 30, 2018 05:17PM
Ok this will be my last update on this post as its cooling down and I don't see a lot of other ctx guys posting with there finds...must be too busy to post like me to post pics. lol t.;

But I found the biggest gold ring ive ever found its the size of a 5 dollar gold piece on the top and 14 K. also ive found another silver dollar...peace dollar. about 100 ft from the one I found a while agol. Its cooling down now but I hunted it while it was hot cause I knew nobody else would be out in that heat detecting and Id be able to hunt this researched and found area before others swooped in and hunted too. Im about done but will go back once in while just to see what I may have missed. but ill wait for rain now.

good luck all.


Re: Good stuff im finding in the heat
Posted by: Rich (Utah)
Date: September 02, 2018 11:21PM
Glad to see you’re getting out and still making the finds :thumbup:

Rich (Utah)


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