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"USB Connected" Fault
Posted by: bklein
Date: August 20, 2018 02:50AM
My CTX was acting flakey - not staying in Sensitivity default for the +/- buttons (would go to Volume) and towards the end I saw the USB Connected flash screen a couple times.
I had my best hunt ever with 5 rings that day. Come home, put the battery on the charger and it never quit blinking. I bought some replacement cells and rebuilt the pack - which charges to 4.15V while the bad cells were at 3.94V. Since I had the detector on my bench I opened the control housing and read the voltage off the CR1220 button cell = .12V , supposed to be 3V. Replaced it with a new one, put the battery pack on the CTX, and I get the USB Connected fault all the time now. The detector functions somewhat - you can boot into reset and it will not say USB Connected. But select something and it will afterwards. No water got in the USB receptacle. If you look at the other side of the receptacle you see it sealed with like an epoxy. I'm not buying it that water in that receptacle would kill the detector. USB is more robust than that. I had this happen once before and it was the button cell that time and then I plugged it in to a pc and it reloaded firmware. But I can't get it to do that. The USB is not recognized by the pc (I tried three pc's). If anyone knows what's going on with it please let me know. I'm an engineer and have worked on stull like this for years so I can replace anything on any of the boards if I know it will fix it. I sure hope the Equinox doesn't have one of these button cells.

Re: "USB Connected" Fault
Posted by: bklein
Date: August 23, 2018 05:24PM
Fault was due to corroded connector contacts. (!)
Faulty coincell is a rare issue.

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