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Night Beach Hunt, Tiffany Ring
Posted by: Stogger
Date: September 24, 2018 09:53PM
Virginia Beach at night. Interesting night as there was not many people on the beach, but a C-130, helicopters, police, and boats looking for a distressed swimmer. This went on all night. not sure if they found the fellow.

Anyway, hours on the beach. The surf was rough so I stayed mostly on the wet or dry sand areas. The area was so clear I wondered if the detector was working or not. Then a loud beep! Sounded exactly like another quarter around the 12-47 mark...except seemed louder and clearer for some reason. Used Andy's Beach mode. Noise canceled every so often. Maybe 6" down in soft wet sand; usually the type sand I stay away from. On the beach at night with my head light, it looked strange to be a ring, and with the writing on the outside, I thought it was some metal sleeve for some machine or something. Was happily surprised when I took a closer look. It weighs only 8.3 not more than 4$ worth of silver. Seems strange it sells for $285 new or $179 on line ....for the name I'm guessing. Anyway, beautiful sunrise made a good trip.

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