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CTX 3030 one tough detector in the rough surf!!
Posted by: Stogger
Date: September 29, 2018 01:11PM
Well, just got back from an all night and part day hunt for a lady's wedding ring at Nags Head, Va. I didn't find her rings that were lost around the 18th. The surf conditions were rather rough,Thursday to Friday morning the waves were only 3-4' but really rough. At night the rough surf made it almost impossible to hunt the "first drop off". So I got as far as I could and after combing the beach area where she said she lost the ring, I called it quits until 3 hours before the next low tide. The next low tide was at about 1630 yesterday. When I went out, the waves were less around 2-3', but soon as I started, the waves became 3'-4' and very choppy!! It was raining and the wind picked up some. I was determined to search the first drop-off so even with the crashing waves I went out there. I was smacked around, and the detector was smacked around. One of you at some point warned me to watch the scoop that it didn't hit the coil. That I did, and I appreciate that advice since this is something you have to constantly be aware of! I stuck with it for about 3 hours and really took a beating. At one point really scared me when I looked down and only saw the rod with no coil on the end...well the coil covered with sand and in the water thankfully was just an illusion. The battery never leaked, the Ghost headphones worked wonderfully, and the rod, coil and all held up beautifully. I can't imagine the 3030 ever being used (by anyone) in conditions rougher than they were yesterday! ...and the equipment certainly held up! When I got it home and took the battery out for the normal end-of-trip cleaning, there was a larger amount of sand around the o-ring and in evey nook and cranny of the detector. So I cleaned this all out and now ready for the next trip. BTW: On the whole area from the house to the waves, I only found 2 highly deteriorated pennies, and a 1" piece of some unknown metal.

The ProSwing 45 harness also held up in these rough conditions.

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