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Australia Trip Coming
Posted by: westwing357
Date: October 30, 2018 06:14PM
Hello All: haven't Posted in a while. Been working a lot to Pay for my Trip to Australia(end of Nov). My Question is , Is the CTX 3030 good enough to detect in the Golden Triangle of Australia? Going to be right in the middle of the Golden Triangle between Ballarat, Bendigo and Maryborough. There are several outfitters and stores in the area that rent detectors. They suggest using the Minelab GPX4500-5000 which they rent for around $85 a day. I have two CTX3030s which I'm taking, was wondering what program to use in the outback
. So My Questions are
1. Should I use my 3030 or rent a GPX?
2. If using my 3030 what program should I use for searching for gold nuggets?

I will be hunting on Crown Land or State Parks, looks like wooded outback lands. Will be searching around the creeks and streams also. Been watching a lot of youtube videos of metal detecting in Australia, I've seen every kind of detector from Minelab GPX, 3030, xterra 705, to Garrett Ace 250 and AT, AT Golds. The Land LOOKS Very Hard, everyone uses Picks to dig. Thinking it Very Mineralized also that's why the GPX's are top Users. So any suggestions will be great. Thanks All and Happy Hunting Jack

Re: Australia Trip Coming
Posted by: trojdor
Date: October 30, 2018 06:44PM
A trip 'down under' sounds like a ton of fun.
I know several people who have made the trip, and loved both the country/continent and the people.

As far as hunting gold nuggets:
1. You've already asked the locals what they recommend...and they've told you: GPX. They live there. Listen to them.
2. I personally wouldn't choose my CTX as a gold nugget hunter. It's happier with larger gold and (of course) it loves silver. But small nuggets can be a problem.

Of course, any detector made can find the "Hand of Faith" nugget...(875 troy ounces)...but that's a once in (everyone's) lifetime find. Typically, native alluvial gold is found in much, much smaller forms.

Have a blast on your trip, and be sure to let us know how it went...
Have fun,

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Re: Australia Trip Coming
Posted by: MI-AuAg
Date: November 01, 2018 10:06AM
Sounds like the trip of a lifetime Jack!

trojdor gave you some solid advice. The ONE thing the CTX does not excel at is finding very small gold nuggets.

Australia is known for having pretty harsh ground mineralization which makes Pulse Induction (PI) detectors like the GPX models a much better choice, as they are able to contend with those conditions well.

At $85 a day, renting can be pretty costly! One possible option to consider is buying a PI detector here and taking it with you. A Garrett ATX costs about two grand new, cheaper if buying a good used one. Good used GPX machines can be had fairly reasonable also.

Definetely do a lot of research! I would suggest you visit well known nugget hunting detectorist Steve Herschbach's site. There are a lot of Aussie nugget hunters there, and Steve himself has been to Australia gold hunting with a detector so there is a wealth of information available.

Good luck on your trip!

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Re: Australia Trip Coming
Posted by: Bushmeister
Date: November 01, 2018 12:53PM
I was in Bendigo for a weekend this past Februray. I hooked up with an husband and wife 'outfitter' in the area. They take you out in the area and also provide you with all the gear. I used their SDC2300 along with a Pro-swing 45. I had the time of my life but dug a LOT of buckshot. The lead shot sounds just like gold. I also own a CTX. I passed the small nuggets I found under my CTX after I returned home. It didn't see them. Sure, a large enough nugget will be detected but you're passing by smaller pieces. If you're interested in the outfitters site, etc. PM me.

As they say downunder, G'day

Morgan Co, IN
CTX 3030

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