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Blue blob bottom right of screen
Posted by: Bdlowder
Date: November 04, 2018 05:24PM
I am new here but keep seeing this blue blob at the bottom right of my screen while getting the cursor showing me to dig and good numbers on the screen - Can someone explain what the blue represents and how to make use of it by interpretation ?

Re: Blue blob bottom right of screen
Posted by: Jason in Enid
Date: November 04, 2018 06:23PM
I have found there is usually some amount of ferrous response in all targets, whether from ground mineral or iron in the ground near the target. As long as you have a good TID and good audio then dig it.

Re: Blue blob bottom right of screen
Posted by: IDXMonster
Date: November 06, 2018 06:34PM
When you are using the Ferrous/Coin Target separation option,you will generally see the secondary target cursor show up in the bottom right,even if there’s no real Ferrous item present. Not ALWAYS,but most of the time. If you use Low Trash,High Trash or Ground Coin separation,the cursor will simply show up in one position in red. If you are using any of the separation options EXCEPT Ferrous/Coin and the cursor is traveling between the iron area(generally bottom right) to the “high conductor/coin area”(generally upper right quadrant) and you are getting at least sporadic “coin numbers”(12-34 through 12-48 ), then investigate further. This doesn’t include nickels or other low conductors such as gold items and such. Coins are the easiest to hunt,I’d start there to learn the machine and have some success at the same time. The guys who have run this machine for years make it look easy,and it can be. Just don’t overthink things,keep the machine STABLE and TRUST what it’s telling you. The second I start thinking I’m smarter than it,I’m wrong,almost exclusively.
There’s much to learn,it will impress you in many ways when you become one with it!
One last thing...don’t confuse High Trash MODE which is simply a preset selection of settings and discrimination to hunt coins....with High Trash SEPARATION,which is meant to work a little quicker in trashier areas and can be used with quite a bit of discrimination. High Trash separation will also report a good ACCEPTED target(not discriminated out) even if a larger stronger REJECTED(lands in the blacked out discriminated area) target is nearby.
Put as many hours on it as you can and remember what’s happening so you can build on that. It is an incredibly addictive machine to run,I haven’t tired of it after several hundred hours.

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