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New to me CTX 3030
Posted by: virginia digger
Date: November 06, 2018 04:37PM
Just purchased a used CTX 3030 with 6 inch and 17 inch coils along with standard 11 inch coil. Now where to start to understand this amazing unit. Any recommendations from the pro's ?

Thanks !

Re: New to me CTX 3030
Posted by: trojdor
Date: November 06, 2018 04:44PM
The Sabisch book is a great addition to the manual.
BTW, print out that Minelab manual and read it through several times...and make notes in the margins.

Otherwise, the key to familiarity with any new detector is the same;
Get out and use it. The sooner/more the better.
There are no shortcuts to 'paying your dues'.

A coin garden is a great help, and speeds the process up...but the only real way to catalog the good AND the junk signals into your brain is to dig hundreds of them.

Good luck, and have fun!

Re: New to me CTX 3030
Posted by: IDXMonster
Date: November 06, 2018 06:08PM
Ok VAD,in addition to Mikes always excellent have clearly detected before. You know the basics. If it’s one thing I might add it would be this...TRUST this machine. In the early going especially,TRUST this machine. Don’t get caught up in the “oh but this one time on the edge of a cliff under a blue moon on the 32nd of March I dug a so and so with this wacky reading”.....I will assume that you are an intelligent individual. There have been ALOT of engineers and physicists working quite awhile to come to the point of the CTX. You have to TRUST this machine. ALSO,and this is incredibly NOT run this machine in an unstable fashion. You know what I mean. Set up so you have a steady threshold and it is NOT falsing and being erratic. This condition will get you absolutely NOWHERE.
Other than that,easy does it. Let the machine work. You probably didn’t get it for free or anywhere close,so let the money that you spent do the work. It knows what it’s doing,just drive it around.
Be sure to give us updates please! For ME,it has been a VERY good time. Good luck!


Re: New to me CTX 3030
Posted by: virginia digger
Date: November 06, 2018 08:46PM
Thanks Mike and Kevin ! I have owned several Minelabs in the past (Explorer and Etrac) and really wanted to try their top of the line unit that I have heard/read so much about. I know it's a little heavy but I'm considering the Minelab harness down the road. Everything I have read tells me the unit is dead on accurate with tid so I will certainly dig a few iffy sounds at first. I appreciate your input....I hope to attend Andy Sabish's CTX Boot Camp in the near future. Attended this past summer at Gettysburg for the XP Deus and it was fantastic.

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