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Crazy war nickel numbers....
Posted by: IDXMonster
Date: November 06, 2018 10:38PM
After Pryor Creek Joe was kind enough to air test a war nickel with the CTX and 17” coil and send me the video,I am again scratching my head. Even though it’s never happened to ME,it apparently indeed does happen! The numbers actually made it up to 12-34,which is obviously nowhere NEAR what would be expected from any nickel,war or not. If someone else has a war nickel that air tests really high,can you post the year and mint mark please? There conversation awhile ago about this and maybe the S minted ones were of a higher silver content....maybe there were ones that were PLATED instead of alloyed??....I don’t know. I’m looking for factual information here to solve a mystery,not more variables to deepen the mystery!
Thanks again Joe! We will(might) resolve this sooner or later(maybe never)....:smile:

Re: Crazy war nickel numbers....
Posted by: PryorCreekJoe
Date: November 07, 2018 06:42AM

The War Nickel in the video is a 1945 D. I am not sure of the mint years and marks of the nickels that I sent to Steveg months ago. This phenomenon has been talked about for a couple of decades that I can recall. I have at the hobby since I got my first metal detector in 1969 and using the 3030 since 2012 and mostly just keep the data over the years in my mind. (since it is just a hobby) LOL I do wish that I had keep records over the years of all of the "strange" numbers and IDs that I have seen. One thing for sure is that I have seen far to many "anomalies" over the years and can say for certain that we will see many more in the future. LOL
Hopefully we can get the MINT to fess up on this War Nickel metallurgy content. Steveg did a ton of research and went way above and beyond trying to solve the mystery and only gain a small amount of ground on the issue. Hopefully the more we get involved we can get some answers. Some of us are kinda like bulldogs and once we sink our teeth into something we don't let go. The answer is out there, we just have to find the right key to unlock it. The biggest problem on finding the answer is that it is just a nickel. Had it been a silver coin, well then it would involve a lot more resources as that is messing with "real" money. LOL The nickel has always been considered just "milk money" as that is what school kids use to pay for their carton of milk. (in the big cities anyway) ha ha Tom Dankowski has written a lot about the lowly nickel in the past. Maybe we need to dredge up some of his musing on the subject. We just might stumble across and interesting tidbit there.


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