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Timing is everything :)
Posted by: Dan(NM)
Date: March 07, 2019 08:26AM
My original plan was to go into my favorite hunting spot with two different machines to do some testing between the two. That plan quickly changed when I pulled up and saw a grader getting ready to peel some dirt off an an area soon to be a parking lot. I was there earlier that week and noticed the grade stakes we're down about 5 to 6" in one particular area. The good part was today was the day they were going to move some dirt, the bad thing was it was only about 12 to 15 ft wide and about 80 feet long. This was the only high spot in the soon-to-be parking lot, the rest is going to be filled in with fill material. They stopped for a few minutes for lunch, so I got out and ran the coil while I could.

First two targets in the first pass were wheats 6 to 7 in deep. On my next pass coming back I hit an nice repeatable but faint high tone. Just passed the 7-inch mark, out pops a Rosie, 1st silver the day. The way my last few hunts have gone, this would have made my day, but there was more to follow. I had to stand on the sidelines for about an hour until they called it a day, then it started to get a little bit more exciting. Within the next two hours, I pulled out 6 more wheats, a green crusty disc that rang like an Indian and two mercs. I hunted for about another hour and a half, covered the spot three to four times going back and forth and criss-crossing but that was it today.. The operator told me that tomorrow they're bringing in the rest of the fill dirt, so that spot will be dead after that. One of my better hunts in a last few outings.

Re: Timing is everything :)
Posted by: trojdor
Date: March 07, 2019 02:47PM
Timing and location...sweet. :thumbup:

Nice work, Dan.
Sounds like fun,

We are grown men who still love construction equipment...
Posted by: Chris(SoCenWI)
Date: March 07, 2019 11:40PM

Used to drive my GF nuts when we were traveling, I was constantly looking for road construction sites. "Let's stay here dear"

Many of my best finds have been when dirt was being moved, kind of gives you an idea how many good coins are in the ground but can't be found until a couple inches of dirt and trash accumulation are removed.


Re: Timing is everything :)
Posted by: LawrencetheMDer
Date: March 10, 2019 04:07PM
Great story and shows the value of sidewalk cuts and an eagle eye for details.

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