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DeepTech Vista's shoot out video's I have done so far
Posted by: Keith Southern
Date: February 02, 2013 11:56AM
I have the Vista Gold and the Vista RG 1000 and Jevelin sent me the Vista Relic and the Vista Smart down for some comparison testing and in field unit testing..

I live in the North Ga...Iron clay iron ore type dirt..very minerlized...So result's can vary from one place to another...

Heres a comparison video on planted target's..These target's are well past the norm for detector's and are desinged just for this line...Use to the 10 inch dime was my limit..I had to create new target's at deeper depth's and harder unmasking scenario's too..These test are way above the NORM,

target's are
10" dime
11" dime
12.25" dime
13" nickle

Nickle under very bad mineralized red caly hand fired brick..from pre civil war days...Its a tough brick....not alot of machine's punch it.

Heres a recovery speed test for a dime and a nickle on my back deck...the coins are stuck in cracks on edge

Heres My Vista Gold digging a really deep target about the size of a nickle...very deep...

The Vista Gold digging a piece of 19th century Jewelry out of iron...very thin gold piece...

Heres the Vista gold on a House site hunt

Out of all the machines I find the Vista gold at this point in MY DIRT to be the deepest on relics...

The Vista GOLD when ran in fast is as close to the behavior of a XP GMP I have used.....

Except the Vista GOLD has a boost mode that makes it deeper in Fast mode and in slow mode..

The Vista also has a SLOW mode...and when you couple the SLOW mode with the BOOST mode it becoems one of the deepest seeking detector's in bad dirt I have ran to date...

It a little more tricky to run in Slow mode becasue the audio gate stays open longer and the ground noise will seep in more...but once learned the GOLD is very DEEP..

In iron on fast with the excellent Elliptical coil's it works great on sites that have become dead...A true site Un-Locker...A true site rejuvenator...
The 25kHz GOLD for me is in the same league as the XP GMP in unmasking...for depth it's in it's own league for low conductor's on target's at depth especially..

The whole line of machines are desinged for unmasking in iron with their iron only reject...At they do it quite well...


Re: DeepTech Vista's shoot out video's I have done so far
Posted by: GunnarMN
Date: February 02, 2013 04:25PM
Keith, looks like the 25khz got that dime the best, that blows myIdea that high khz dont hit hard on high conductors, great video .

Re: DeepTech Vista's shoot out video's I have done so far
Posted by: sweepdog
Date: August 28, 2013 09:36PM

Re: DeepTech Vista's shoot out video's I have done so far
Posted by: stumpr
Date: August 31, 2013 04:12PM
Thanks Keith for the in depth review. I recently trade for a Vista Gold. Can't wait to hunt some of my relic sites.

Re: DeepTech Vista's shoot out video's I have done so far
Posted by: TellYaWhut
Date: September 02, 2013 09:57PM
Keith thanks for all the time you took to do these detailed videos. Other tube vidoes I have enjoyed about the Vistas, are authored by DetectorComparisons.....check out the Depth and Iron Seperation topics. Thanks

Keith is a straight shooter.
Posted by: bugg
Date: September 04, 2013 10:23AM
With tons of experience, and the good character to boot.

AKA Tech Signum 7272, modded Tesoro cibola, Previously owned units.....Tesoro Golden umax ,Deeptech Vista Gold stk coil and 5x 8 coil, Explorer SE Pro w/11",5" sunray, 6" excellerator,, 5.5 x 9.5 sharpshooter, 8" ,10x 12 sef,Detech 13" Ultimate, Teknetics T2SE, Garrett ATPro /stock coil & 5 x 8 ,.Minelab Safari....Whites BHID, .Tek Omega, Whites IDX Pro, Xterra 50, T2, Explorer xs, Sovereign xs2, Sovereign xs, Excalibur, Whites Surfmaster 2, XLT, CZ-5, Tesoro Toltec 100,Fisher 1220x, Tek Mark 1, 8500B,XL 200 Pulse, Garrett ADS 3, Garrett Money Hunter, AH Mini Pro.1975..

Re: DeepTech Vista's shoot out video's I have done so far
Posted by: woodchiphustler
Date: September 13, 2013 03:09PM
Thanks for all your hard work. Thats not easy to do.

George Tex Kinsey
The Original Buttondigger since 1969
Still on the "right side of the grass"
A Findmall fan and supporter.

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