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It's a big world out there....
Posted by: woodchiphustler
Date: February 17, 2013 09:10AM
With a lot of new and different Technology available. Some good , some not so good. Most European models were designed around finding low conductive small coins. Thus minimal discrimination and higher operating frequency.. Most are found in farm and pasture land with minimal modern trash. A ton of iron over many centuries is the main issue there. We are a nation of litterbugs , especially in our public places so minimum discrimination will never be enough. The real value to these detectors will be to a relic hunt er looking for low conductive metal and dry sand hunting for gold jewelry. They should find gold nuggets but I cannot say since I do not hunt gold. Years of testing tells me I'm right . And the many finds I make, the oldest you can find in our country confirms this. Never try to make any detector do what it can't. The true value is understanding what it can.

George Tex Kinsey
The Original Buttondigger since 1969
Still on the "right side of the grass"
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Re: It's a big world out there....
Posted by: GunnarMN
Date: February 17, 2013 10:11AM
amen to that

Re: It's a big world out there....
Posted by: jimmyk
Date: February 17, 2013 12:31PM
I couldn't agree more. Added a Blisstool to my aresenal about six months ago. Still keep my F 75 SE workhorsed, just in case. After seeing the depth and target seperation videos on the Deep Tech Gold, I decided to unload the F 75 and ordered a Gold. I think the US market has gone the way of bells and shistles in favor of depth and the ability to work in iron. Let's just keep this our little secret, so we can reap the benefits of what the European manufacturers have determined works best for relics. Once they get the depth AND full discrimination puzzle solved, look out. The world will be beating a pathway to whoever perfects that machine.

keep on diggin'

jimmyk in Missouri

PS: Just kidding about keeping it a secret, Barry. Can't wait to post the anticipated finds I (we) will be digging.


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