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New Vista Gold user
Posted by: stumpr
Date: September 26, 2013 06:12PM
New to this forum. I bought the Vista Gold for relic hunting in good to moderately mineralized ground. Have some questions for you more experienced users. I have two trips under my belt.
I have been impressed with depth on .22 Cal bullets, shot gun shells, buck shot, lead drops, etc. I had been running the Vista Gold on the highest sensitivity (50) as well as the highest discrimination.
I have noticed that the coil is highly reactive to any high grass, undergrowth, sticker bushes/vines, etc. Best performance seems to be in very open woods where I am not bumping the coil into any
ground obstructions. Is this normal? Also, I seem to dig considerably far more cut nails (running the machine at highest discrim setting) that sound good. I understand that the discrimination capability
of this machine is no higher than foil. I am running both bottom triggers in the forward position.

Re: New Vista Gold user
Posted by: Keith Southern
Date: September 26, 2013 11:03PM
Welcome to the DTVG..

May I ask what coil you are using...sounds like the 11" round with gray cord.....They are quite noisy on stubble...

The Elliptical 11" will not false...or the 11 " round with black cord will not fasle..

Also if you are too far negative on your ground bal you will get alot of fasling off obstacle's...

I run my disc on about 10 o'clock or so just to make the nail's low tone everthihg above high tone....even bigger iron....yet you can tell it's big iron with the nuance's..


Re: New Vista Gold user
Posted by: stumpr
Date: September 27, 2013 08:53AM

I was hoping you would answer as I have followed many of your posts and field tests on another forum. I am using then standard 11' Elliptical. I will try playing around with the GB some more but my ground has very low mineralization and will GB between 10:00
to 12:00. Will try lowering my discrim to your setting and see what happens. I dig in a winter camp where many of the nails have been tempered by fire or are deep within huts where they just ring out when you are digging them out. Do you run your iron volume on MAX.

Re: New Vista Gold user
Posted by: Carter NY
Date: October 14, 2013 06:05PM
The Vista Gold will false at times when running at maximum sensitivity with the boost on. Try turning off the boost first (left side switch pulled towards you) and if that doesn't work, turn down the sensitivity. I run my sensitivity normally at about the 3 o'clock position with the boost off when I'm hunting iron infested sites. Carter

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