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Question for RG Deeptech...
Posted by: Search and recovery
Date: April 09, 2016 08:24PM
I see you are selling units on EBay in the U.S. at a lesser price than your american dealer Richard. Is this not a conflict of interest to take business away from one of your dealers who is trying to improve on your brand name in the early stages of his advertising and marketing your product. I have done business with both you and Richard and have been happy with both of your companies sales and service in the past. It just seems as if you have not done him justice on this deal. May I ask your thoughts on this subject, with all respect?...Stuart

Re: Question for RG Deeptech...
Posted by: Happy_Hour
Date: April 10, 2016 02:20AM
This should be interesting...

Re: Question for RG Deeptech...
Posted by: tommygun
Date: April 10, 2016 02:58AM

Re: Question for RG Deeptech...
Posted by: RG-DeepTech
Date: April 10, 2016 10:25AM
I just read this question and topic in another american forum.
DeepTech does not intend to undercut the prices and we respect everything that Richard does. In conjunction with that I must say that today we received a message from one client from USA and I told him to contact our dealer there.
In the same time all sellers from USA who contacted me know our opinion - and it is: after all that happened with our previous dealers in USA ( and you all know what happened ) DeepTech has no intention to give exclusive rights for USA market.
USA is big country. Bulgaria has a population perhaps as a big american city. In the same time here Minelab, White's, Garrett, Fisher for example, have two, three or more dealers despite restrictive laws for metaldetecting in Bulgaria.
All our dealers know that in DeepTech's Pricelist are described prices for EU countries and prices for all other countries. This mean that the price in e-bay is price without VAT and custom taxes.
I must say something else too. We always stay behind our name and products unlike some manufacturers who sell in e-bay hiding behind other names.
In connection to new products that appeared and which will appear during this year
we intend to expand our market and dealer network.

Re: Question for RG Deeptech...
Posted by: Sven
Date: April 10, 2016 12:12PM
Good to clear things up as many eventually would like to know what might be happening here, partly because of what happened in the past
with the original importer into the US.
From the ebay ad looks like your listing is targeting US customers as there are no shipping options to anywhere but to the US.
People will see those low prices compared to Richard's, people will generally go to the cheapest seller. When they see both Richard's ebay listing and
Deeptech listings.

Any other potential dealers looking at this situation may just shy away from becoming another dealer. Just my guess.
Sounds like kellyco should become the major dealer in the US, they have the cash to invest and could be the discount king................we wouldn't have to worry
about the small dealer making some profit on a sale. There's not a large profit to make on metal detectors after a discount is taken. Don't make sense to be a dealer
at that point or worth the effect, time and money into promoting a product. I know I wouldn't. Good thing Richard doesn't rely on detector profits to live off, I think his passion is detecting
and loves selling detectors that are dependable and get the job done. More power to him for taking the risk of bringing DeepTechs to the US in hopes of making them more popular here.
It's a big start to re-establish the DeepTech name. I know some folks still like bash at the DeepTech units, funny how at times those folks actually end up buying a product they bash...

But, DeepTech makes excellent detectors and have no problem telling people that and they should at least try one at some point.
And I always suggest they contact Richard first. When there was no dealer set-up in the US, suggested contacting DeepTech direct for a really good price.

I think everyone agrees, DT needs a detector with expanded disc range to really become popular here.......................not everyone here is a relic hunter.
This is the biggest reason detectorists here that are coinshooters and jewelry hunters to to the other brands for a detector.

Quest, Nokta, Makro Multi-Kruzer
Self built Mirage Pi's --- they work great in trashy areas!!

Re: Question for RG Deeptech...
Posted by: Search and recovery
Date: April 10, 2016 02:48PM
Thanks for taking time to answer RG Deeptech. Sven, I agree with your thoughts on this also...Stuart

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