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Ground Balancing Negative or Positive
Posted by: Sven
Date: April 27, 2016 09:42AM
After watching Keith's video on the Warrior talking about ground balancing...I questioned myself regarding how I ground balanced.
I was about spot on.

He mentions in the video when you GB in all metal mode, 2 tone mode, you get two tones while bobbing, low and high tone.

High tone, when you hear that represents Negative GB

Low tone, when you hear that represents Positive GB

In between low and high tones is a very narrow null, we'll call that neutral GB for properly balanced detector.
This here I set it.

I asked Keith were he likes to set his GB before switching to disc mode, he sets GB just a bit positive.

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Re: Ground Balancing Negative or Positive
Posted by: Old California
Date: April 30, 2016 12:07AM
That's were I set my GB, slightly positive.

Some extremely sensitive VLF will read the dug hole as a signal after recovering the target, if this happens its because GB is negative, slightly roll over into GB positive this will eliminate the false signal from the hole.

That's one way of knowing if GB is set properly, when it's differcult to ground balance under certain situations the dug hole never lies.


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