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Deep Tech Vistas
Posted by: Frank in NH
Date: June 14, 2016 05:44AM
People using these, how much trash are you digging compared to good stuff?

Re: Deep Tech Vistas
Posted by: Richard@BackwoodsDetectors
Date: June 15, 2016 02:46PM
Frank, It will all depends on the area that you are hunting. Relic hunting, old homes, old parks, you will want to dig all non-ferrous targets. In a real life situation, at old homes, I will dig an average of 1 good target to 4- 5 bad targets. But there is something that you have to remember, all jewelry, coins, buttons, etc will be dug that could easily be missed with a detector running more discrimination or a notch. A lot of foil targets will be pinky rings, ear rings, etc., while targets between nickels and zincs will be dug, resulting in considerable more jewelry. Some coins will apply here too since at depth, they may fall out of the coin range..Extended discrimination detectors, will call these targets as bad since all they can see is that there is a target there.
The person will let it go since the detector has "mis-informed him because of a lack of information. With the Deeptech, you will dig... I hope this helps... Richard

Re: Deep Tech Vistas
Posted by: RG-DeepTech
Date: June 17, 2016 11:05AM
Interesting question :)
Let see the answer of this guy from Czech:

Re: Deep Tech Vistas
Posted by: Frank in NH
Date: June 17, 2016 01:04PM
Very nice, where are all the bad things he had to dig to get all those good ones?

Re: Deep Tech Vistas
Posted by: RG-DeepTech
Date: June 19, 2016 01:50PM
Don't know, Frank in NH :)
But now I am happy that some finds with DeepTech Vista - in this case bronze cleaver dated 2000-1500 BC - enter in the worlds museums and in Press :) :
The pictures was published some days ago in Vista Gold DeepTech MetalDetector Facebook group from the guy who discovered it :

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