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"How DeepTech's Vista GOLD change...
Posted by: RG-DeepTech
Date: October 19, 2016 03:25PM
...history in some countries :)
In this case - in Belgium :)
Some days ago in Spaghetticlub van Limburg was published two pictures from Tom Daerden and the coin, found with Vista GOLD.
I was little surprised why this coin is so special :)
Eddy Rondags explained to me why :)
Thank's, Tom Daerden and Eddy Rondags :) :
"You saw Toms silver 0,9 mm coin?
It's as flat as paper.IT'S THE FIRST OF THIS SORT.
It's an OBOOL from Liege about 1140.
The village WROTEN history starts at 1204.
Peolpe here in the early middle ages were decimated by plague and warobjects of the 1040 are very rare trough whole Belgium
a high respected institute of coin catalog will publish Tom's coin in their database, with his name attached at it
it's an HONOR"
CONGRATS, Tom Daerden :)

From DeepTech's team :)
P.S. Forgot to write - was found with 8" closed design DD coil. "

Copy/Past from our Facebook page :)

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