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I presently own..............
Posted by: woodchiphustler
Date: November 02, 2016 05:08AM
One French and three European detectors. Since 1969 I have tested and owned just about every brand and model produced. Why? I relic hunt. These machines have all you will need to find not only relics but coins as well. I would not suggest any non metered machine from Europe if your a Coin Shooter or a park hunter because most European detectors offer minimal discrimination. Why? Hammered Coins found in iron infested sites. These are very low conductive metal. Imagine digging all foil readings looking for coins! I would flee the area screaming! I have never had to return any machine to Europe for repair. So if your a dedicated Detectorist why not give one a try! Unlike the people who promote products on Youtube I am not one of those people. I pay real cash money for my gear. If you have followed this Forum for many years you know I'm honest with my thoughts and opinion/s when asked. Besides Richard and Rossi are great people to deal with.

George Tex Kinsey
The Original Buttondigger since 1969
Still on the "right side of the grass"
A Findmall fan and supporter.

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