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DeepTech Warrior Outing
Posted by: Ziggy J
Date: April 18, 2017 06:36PM
DeepTech Vista Warrior 18 kHz outing

Back at the start of the month I acquired two new permissions, small permissions to say the least but any ground is worth a search I feel.
So off I packed for a good few hours in the sun this afternoon to one of these little fields tucked back from an old river.

Had a word with the owner and he went over it about 20 years ago with a machine, I asked what model but he can't recall a brand, was shortly after he moved in to the place.

He said he found some bits and bobs but nothing amazing of what he recalls and I got the feeling he gave up shortly after he started.

So today it was a tester to see if the field would deserve another outing, always fun placing the coil down on fields like this, many people want the big lands but small areas can be just as rewarding with less effort to cover.

Unpacked the Warrior and was ready to get going, grass was a little long in places but the Warrior has punch so even with searching with the coil five inches off the ground I knew finds would be on the table if there.

I started off doing the perimeter and was getting some signals here and there but was tent ringlets and lead also shotgun cartridges... so the menu was being read out as usual.

Then popped up a part of a buckle and a pistol ball shortly after so things were picking up, good few signals around so I was digging well in the sun even though after five inches of soft turf the ground turned into hard pack with flint and stones.
I thought my test fields was hard going but this was setting the bar to another level.

But I carried on and pulled a nice intact Thimble, I've always liked finding these and have had about six to seven in the past so another is always welcome.

After the perimeter walk and one up and down the middle I got a good solid hit, really was a clanger that you could never turn down and I could tell it had a little depth on it, this turned out to be a Crotal Bell down around the eight inch mark and was able to raise the coil a good distance still before digging.
Crotal Bells are another find that I've enjoyed unearthing and this one was intact and will clean nice... can't believe some people haven't found any of these before, had two or three of these in a day in the past.

So after around four hours of searching and digging in hard ground I was happy to walk away with some bits and bobs, the Warrior performed spot on, it really has some pace also in the busy areas, I found this out on a dumping area right at the top of the field, signals were jumping out with every sweep of the coil but the Warrior dealt with this work load easy to say the least, really sounded off each bit of iron well and made no mash of the audio in the process.

Good afternoon with this machine so was happy to come home for a cuppa after showing the land owner what has laid in his field for before he'd moved in.

Found out some cracking information also, in the woodlands about a quarter mile up from the back of this field is a old fallen Manor House, soon as he mentioned this I asked "who owns the woodland", found out the owner has a little cabin up there but lives in London so I sure will be posting my calling card through his cabin door.

Good day and a couple of nice finds makes it all worthwhile.
Do it all again very soon, wouldn't want it any other way.

Let's see what the Warrior can find on the next outing.

Re: DeepTech Warrior Outing
Posted by: Richard@BackwoodsDetectors
Date: April 18, 2017 11:01PM
Love the Warrior... Sold my Gold and can't decide between a Smart Plus and the Warrior.. A wonderful problem to have.. Richard

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