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Reunited with the Vista Smart
Posted by: Ziggy J
Date: May 10, 2017 01:48AM
Was out today for a little Detector reunion so to say.

Been a while since I last swung my first Vista Smart, back then the machine found me some nice coins including two roman silvers and a few hammereds, also many other nice items like a tiny thin old silver ring.

I sold my Vista Smart I think a year and half after purchasing to see if the grass was greener on the other side at the time, turned out the grass wasn't so green after all with the machines I bought after.

Was a good day out and the grass was so short due to the cattle been chomping away for a good few months now, near bowling green conditions minus the lumps and bumps.
I could almost smell silver in the area as a few have came up in the past from this stretch of land but I had to back off the power so the deepest stuff wasn't on the menu today for me due to ground conditions.

It was hard digging today for sure, the large flint and hard packed ground was taking its toll on me in more ways than one.
I eventually turned down the sensitivity to minimum due to 20 minutes to recover deep targets at 9 inches was becoming time consuming and tedious.

Why drop sensitivity to minimum ?... not that's it's easier to ID shallow targets because it's not but If I hear a deep signal and I just can't help myself, I have no self control and leaving signals I just can't

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