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DeepTech and Industrial Metal Detectors (Videos Included)
Posted by: Ziggy J
Date: July 27, 2017 01:46PM
Hello all...

Few of you know that DeepTech company produce industrial detectors too.
After detectors for mining industry, detectors for herbs, now for three weeks only
was developed and constructed detector for food industry.
It's a pleasure to hear that many, many and much more, much more expensive detectors
for the food industry can't detect such miniature targets as the first DeepTech Food Detector :)
Great work for DeepTech team and for Plamen Rashkov Rashkov of course

Before montage the tests for DeepTech Food Detector was made with some samples, with success of course :) :
1.Copper sheet metal:
weight - 0,005 g
thickness - 0,10 mm
2.Steel bead:
weight - 0,01 g
thickness - 1,5 mm
3.Steel sheet:
weight - 0,005 g
thickness - 0,5 mm
4.Steel bead:
weight - 0,12 g
thickness - 3 mm
5.Aluminum sheet:
weight - 0,003 g
thickness - 0,5 mm
6.Steel wire:
weight - can't be measured with our scales :)
thickness - 0,6 mm
lenght - 5 mm
dia - 0,4 mm
You can see eventuаlly :) one of them аt the top of the stick in the video:

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