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Ok leaning toward a smart plus....
Posted by: BootyHunter
Date: August 06, 2017 07:42PM
Been detecting for about 14 years or so. I like hunting old home sites and old schools and churches for coins and relics, I like water hunting in the summer and civil war relic hunting during the fall winter and spring. I own several (too many) detectors. I have a CTX 3030 that I upgraded from an Etrac. Owned the Etrac from when it came out til the CTX came out and have owned it sense. I've also had the at pro since 2012 for water hunting ( I don't risk the CTX) and found that the at pro is a good relic machine here where I live. I have the GPX 4800 for use in the northern Virginia red soil for civil war relics. Now I'm contemplating the Deeptech smart plus. I've researched and I think it has some real possibilities as a relic machine as well as cleaning up some old iron laden yards and sites after I've cherry picked with the CTX. I'm thinking of getting the 2 coil package and going with he Pitbull 11" coil and the super six. I know this is a beep dig machine, and doesn't discriminate much past iron, but I have never used more discrimination other than iron since I've been detecting. I don't mind digging some foil and bottle caps to not miss old coins or buttons or gold. I have a Tesoro water machine and a detectorpro water machine that are also beep/dig machines and I do well with them in the water. To be honest I've never used a beep/dig as a land detector, but while I've tried my best to not let the vid be a crutch and hamper me I'm sure that I've passed over some good deep finds that incorrectly Id'd. So as sites get hit harder and harder with more and more machines I think this is one of the last "edges" in the hobby, pulling good finds from a carpet of iron. The machines I currently have I love, and maybe I could do the same with them, but even with an open screen (no discrimination) on he CTX it nulls on iron and just doesn't have the processing speed to do what I think needs to be done in heavy iron. The at pro does have a fast processor, but I don't think it's as fast as these deeptechs are, from what I've seen and heard. So I'm going to try it, I've bought and sold lots of detectors so if it doesn't prove any better than what I have currently I'll just sell it later. But if it does what I hope it will then just maybe I add a few more nice coins and relics to my collection. Anyone own a Deeptech and an at pro and/or a CTX? If so what are your thoughts? I'm looking forward to learning the nuances of this machine! Luckily I live within driving distance of Richard at Backwoods metal detectors, I've met him before and he's a super nice fellow.

My YouTube page is Bootyhunter1971, Please check it out and. Like and Subscribe!!

Re: Ok leaning toward a smart plus....
Posted by: OhioHunter
Date: August 06, 2017 08:11PM
Smart plus,Warrior,or Gold you can't go.wrong.With the super six coil bring on the iron.The Smart plus and the Gold with the iron volume hard to beat in iron.

Re: Ok leaning toward a smart plus....
Posted by: Richard@BackwoodsDetectors
Date: August 08, 2017 04:22PM
Smart Plus is the only machine I use.. I like the Warrior and the Gold but for my hunting at 15.5 khz is my favorite. Each machine has it own unique target response but with the Plus, I am hearing defined high tones in with the low tone. There is a catch though, determining which is an iron response and a good target mixed-in with the iron. If the audio has good definition and I turn 90 degrees and it keeps, I dig it.. Sure I dig some iron but I also dig targets that everyone else walked over... Best to All. Richard

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