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Treasure Dated 3000 Years Old Found
Posted by: Ziggy J
Date: August 15, 2017 12:52PM
Hello All

As Aaron Cooper said to me: "Very nice items..... if some people find individual parts of that may think as scrap ?? "
But...not everyday people can find and see amazing ancient history like this !
Dated 3000 years ago !
It is very important that when and if you discover such finds that all the correct procedures are followed by the treasure laws
in your country.
I have translated the most interesting information and pasted here for you....
Bronze and amber jewelery, dating back to the Bronze Age, found by two residents of Lubuskie.
It consists of many objects and small artifacts.
All of them were in one place, probably part of one necklace.
Among these objects was others - zoomorphic figure, spiral and cage beads, amber beads, wire rods, wire decorations.
There are over 170 objects in total.
This entire collection was handed over to the conservator of monuments.
This is a valuable find and can be said unique, because it is probably complete and will allow reconstruction of the necklace almost completely...
The place of finding was marked and exactly inspected by archaeologists who revealed the next element of the necklace.
The treasure itself, after careful research and conservation works will go to expositions at the Lubuski Museum.
It is possible that the finders will receive an award.

Movie of the finds here:,763698,s.html

Congratulations to all DeepTech Vista GOLD users !

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