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I'm in a Rut :rofl:
Posted by: Richard@BackwoodsDetectors
Date: October 26, 2017 07:58PM
I took out a metered detector today and it is like learning to walk all over again. I am so used to Ferrous-Non-Ferrous that the extra info the machine was giving me, was almost too much to digest at first. In fact, I ran IT in 2 tone. Don't get me wrong, the detector was great but it was me that needed to be re-wired. :stretcher: ......tell me I'm not nuts :stretcher: Richard

Re: I'm in a Rut :rofl:
Posted by: SkiWhiz
Date: October 27, 2017 04:31AM
Well Richard if you are nuts I guess I am to, just can't beat them beep & dig detectors.

Re: I'm in a Rut :rofl:
Posted by: IDB
Date: October 30, 2017 09:59AM
Hey Richard I know what you mean I used a explorer xs for years as I got older and slower all that info would over whelm me at times that's why I like the smart plus , being able to turn down the iron volume is great and just listening to the tones. You and I come from the time before screens . Besides we don't need any thing to take our attention away from where we're stepping.

Re: I'm in a Rut :rofl:
Posted by: dirthunter
Date: October 31, 2017 07:40PM
Love the beep and dig machines!!!

Re: I'm in a Rut :rofl:
Posted by: Sven
Date: November 08, 2017 07:19PM
Got used to using the Nokta Impact after coming off the Beep and Digs. Now find that I had to rewire my brain to use a single tone Beep and Dig Tesoro.
To be happy these day with a Beeper, it would have to have two or three tone option.
Yeah, the DeepTechs still rule when it comes to a Beeper. Actually the Impact is not overwhelming in 2 or 3 tone modes if only watching the target ID numbers.
Kind of forced to use a target ID machine these days due to my knee starting to wear. Getting up and down too many times isn't helping.....Good thing we finds lots of $1 and $2 coins up here...LOL:canadaflag:

Quest, Nokta, Makro Multi-Kruzer
Self built Mirage Pi's --- they work great in trashy areas!!

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