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a question regarding modern trash - i.e. aluminum
Posted by: rod-pa
Date: October 29, 2017 05:55PM
Hi All,
I am curious if anyone can point me to a video (s) of modern trash sites. I can find plenty of videos of test gardens, and videos showing digs at old homes or battles, but I am looking for one that has modern aluminum scrap, trash, etc, and to hear how that can slaw sounds on a smart+, gold, or warrior.

I am very interested in getting a deeptech as my next detector, as I like the mineral levels I can see it handles, but am curious what the audio sounds like when in modern trash.


Re: a question regarding modern trash - i.e. aluminum
Posted by: Hanoverdigging
Date: October 29, 2017 07:33PM
Can slaw sounds the same as a coin in my opinion. It sounds good unfortunately. I can't tell a difference. I have the smart plus and it will find the tiniest piece of slaw with a good tone. These machines are not really designed to hunt modern trash unless you dig everything. These machines are super deep and see through iron like no other.

Re: a question regarding modern trash - i.e. aluminum
Posted by: OhioHunter
Date: October 31, 2017 06:09AM
I have the Warrior can slaw has a abrupt high tone almost a slight spitting/hissing sound.And when your coming off the target there is a break in the high tone.Its the dreaded pull tab that still get me they sound like a shallow nickel.99% of all the good targets I find have a smooth easy even high tone no break in the high tone.If my target has a smooth high tone even with a little break I dig it sometimes surprised nice relic but with that break sometimes smashed ball of foil.Coins always smooth no break hightone.Takes a lot of practice but with my headphone on makes those abrupt high tones easier to here.

Re: a question regarding modern trash - i.e. aluminum
Posted by: SWMO Mark
Date: November 18, 2017 07:32PM
On my Smart if a target is about 1 1/2" or closer to my coil I get multiple beeps when I sweep across the target. if farther away I get one beep. Don't know if all Vistas work like this. If they do you could ignore all multiple beep signals. thus eliminateing a lot of surface foil and aluminum. You will lose all your surface targets includeing coins this way. But if I was looking for older coins. I wouldn't mind loseing some modern coins to not have to dig as much modern trash. Mark

Re: a question regarding modern trash - i.e. aluminum
Posted by: Richard@BackwoodsDetectors
Date: November 27, 2017 05:01PM
Some aluminum is hard to eliminate but I have found that if you listen closely to the audio and then turn 90 degrees and swing the coil, the audio will be slightly different. Reason being is that the detector sees a narrow target and then it sees what amounts to a wider target. It took me a while to differentiate but you can dig less aluminum this way.. Hanoverdigging is right that the Vistas are made for older sights and if you chose to dig all non-ferrous targets in a newer sight, you will make some good finds that are normally missed. Small jewelry is discriminated out by most folks.. Richard

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