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Finding history with the DeepTech Vista Detectors
Posted by: Ziggy J
Date: November 27, 2017 05:40PM
So then I've been using DeepTech Detectors solid now for around five months and on and off for around five to six years.
I've built up a great understanding of what these easy to use analog machines can offer, and that is to find historical items easily in the ground In many difficult situations be it on mineralised or just iron infested land.

From the bottom of the range what is the Vista Mini all the way up to the flagship model that is the Vista Gold I've found many great items over the years with all.

Want a single simplistic single tone machine that still has great performance and only has two dials and as stable as they come ?
Then look at the Vista Mini, this was the machine that found me my first hammered gold coin and whilst using even to this day I have to check every now and again that the machine is still switched on, it truly can be that stable.

Want a super sensitive machine with rapid recovery speed and depth to match ?, then look at the 25 kHz Vista Gold, this is the machine that found me my only gold milled coin, truly is a detector that can keep up and pass many models on the market without a shadow of a doubt.

DeepTech also have a 30 kHz Vista Gold with Gain coming out soon, this is aimed towards the more advanced Detectorist but more to come on this one in the near future when I review the final edition.

I can honestly say these detectors really do the job well in the field and can do it at half the price of the so called top bands on the market.
They do the job in a raw but refined way, they are very understandable once learnt what don't take long if you pay attention to what the machine tells you whilst digging many signals, you'll learn what's good and bad and what to dig and what to leave in a short time span.

My only two gold coins have both come from using these machines and most of my silvers over the years have also, many of my nicest artefacts have been found due to these machines also in the past.

Being I was a machine tester that has used and owned many machines on the current market and helped in developing a few machines now, I've built up a good understanding of what makes a detector good at detecting metals, it's not the bells and whistles and it's sure not the looks but more how simple they can find and tell you to dig or not.

The easier the machine is to use the more effective it becomes, many menus and settings can make you miss good items or leave you doubting if you have the machine set up correctly, you don't have that issue with any machine in the DeepTech range.

Being these detectors are single and two tone only they don't allow you to go far wrong when listening out for a good and bad signals.
Audio in between the two may be good items laying next to iron and other things like Coke that can change a signal for all detectors on the market but as said it's a learning game what is not that curved with these detectors.

DeepTech have built up a great reputation around the globe over the years now that is lead by the genius and CEO of DeepTech Plamen Rashkov, then backed up by both the wonderful and lovely Rosi and Silvia and all then tied together with the rest of a strong team in Bulgaria.

DeepTech are evolving and will go from strength to strength for sure in time to come, future projects will keep DeepTech fresh and even with the current technology that they offer they are still sitting pretty when performance is to be talked about against many other popular brands and models on the market today.

I've seen it and proved that DeepTech can do and what other brands can in the ground, especially when backed up by a good range of coils and different kHz machines that DeepTech offer.

I truly believe that if you've not tried one of these machines you should, I know people that have purchased these as a backup machine and then started using it as their main detector after a short period of time what is truly amazing to hear.

The above is just a glimpse at my thoughts and finds with the DeepTech Detectors.

If you wish to see more and hear what others have to say and been finding with their DeepTechs then please click on the links below, you'll see some amazing items for sure.

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DeepTech Metal Detectors.

Re: Finding history with the DeepTech Vista Detectors
Posted by: dirthunter
Date: December 03, 2017 10:45AM
Very good read!! I enjoy my Smart-Plus. Great machines.

Re: Finding history with the DeepTech Vista Detectors
Posted by: BR549
Date: December 03, 2017 11:53AM
I love these machines.Even though I had to sell my vista mini.Injured my wrist one day and had to sell all my machines that were on s handle poles.
The only machine that I hated selling was the vista mini.Holding that type of configuration killed my wrist within 30 seconds.Now I use all straight shaft units that have a straight or almost straight
handle,If Deep tech ever comes out with their units on a straight shaft system I will be all in.
Some of the best performing machines I have used.

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