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(New) DeepTech Vista Gold Gain 30 kHz First True Coil To The Soil Outing
Posted by: Ziggy J
Date: December 15, 2017 08:22AM
30 kHz DeepTech Vista Gold Gain First Coil to the soil outing.

*VG Vista Gold
*VGG Vista Gold Gain

So yesterday was my first outing where I could get the coil low and slow, even though I managed to pull a hammered coin on my very first outing in the snow, I couldn't really judge the machines true ability due to the coil hovering around 6-7 inches off the soil on the snow covered ground.

Yesterday's outing was completely different, snow had cleared and just the loose stubble to deal with, not really an issue so I got stuck right in searching for signals.
First thing I noticed was how sharp the 30 kHz VGG really is especially tied in with the new audio upgrade over the original VG.
This VGG production model has been refined compared to the prototype that I briefly tested back a few months ago, it's now more stable and the power is not so extreme what will suit more Detectorist I feel and that is only a good thing.

I've not had a chance to compare the VGG against the VG yet in the field but in the home tests I've done their are gains to be had especially when mineralised ground is to be mentioned, let's not forget this machine was requested by a very well seasoned Detectorist Jethro Carpenter to deal with some really awkward ground he has on some of his permissions.

So this machine is primarily here to deal with such situations but also has gains on normal/non mineralised ground when set up correctly over the VG.

Let's get back on to how it feels, as said sharp and there is something about it I just can't place my mind on yet, it seems to deal with iffy targets better, less fidgety around iron, more precise but this is to be confirmed with more outings under my belt with it and comparing directly to the VG.

The VGG is very fast and with the future addition of a smaller coil this will be a very handy detector for winkling out tiny items around busy iron areas even more than it is now with the 11" Pitbull attached.

I really feel that Plamen Rashkov has worked some magic on this machine and I thought that the VG was the pinnacle in this format of machine but now it's been taken one step further.

This machine is amazingly sensitive to small items on the surface and just under what is great, many people think just of depth but they forget with the lower kHz machines you will miss tiny signals what can be cracking items just on or below the surface of the soil, yes we all want big gold and silver coins and the VGG is more than capable of finding these at depths also even with running a higher kHz than most machines on the market today.

I found it easy to ground balance and the difference in high and low tones makes it very easy on the ear to distinguish between good and bad targets, as said very sharp audio along with rapid recovery speed makes this a corker of a winkle picker.

As you can see in the photos this machine sure ain't shy of finding small stuff.

So what can I say about my first coil to the soil outing ?
It's a competent machine that will find you small and large items in the field if they are there to begin with, can it make a old field come alive again, very possible due to its keenness to find the tiny item that you might of missed with other lower kHz machines.

So let's sum it up...

The VGG is a machine primarily designed to hunt in awkward mineralised ground but also excels in normal conditions, it's easy to use and has depth and speed without having to utilise any menus or programs.

Having now the option to control the Sensitivity and Gain independently is great, once you figure out when and why to adjust it will give you better opportunity to get the best out of your soil conditions or field situation.

When I know more I will post but the above is just my initial thoughts on my first true outing and on one site.

The machine is selling like hot cakes so I'm sure you will hear from other users soon, as with all the other DeepTech Detectors I don't think you will be hearing many if any bad words about this one going by this first out.

To finish this article all I can say is I can't wait to get in the field with this machine again

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Re: (New) DeepTech Vista Gold Gain 30 kHz First True Coil To The Soil Outing
Posted by: rod-pa
Date: December 15, 2017 02:42PM
Do you have any idea of an ETA on other coils? smaller or larger, and type....concentric or DD, etc?


Re: (New) DeepTech Vista Gold Gain 30 kHz First True Coil To The Soil Outing
Posted by: cz70pro
Date: December 15, 2017 05:50PM
Very impressive results with the VGG. Thanks for posting this field test report. Look forward to more. HH


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