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Grabbing the goodies the DeepTech way
Posted by: Ziggy J
Date: December 20, 2017 01:40AM
DeepTech Grabbing The Goodies

I've been using these DeepTech machines for a good few years now and solid for around the last 6 months, since I started detecting I've always been keen to try new detectors and always wanted that one machine that will strip the land bare of the remaining finds, did I ever find that machine out of all I tested ? No but what I have learnt after using many different brands and models is that you can't beat a simple yet powerful detector.

Do you need menus for field searching ?
Do you need menus to have a fast recovery speed ?
Do you need menus to find deep items ?
Do you need menus to find items ?

So what do you need menus and many options for?..Maybe to justify the price tags and to make you feel more involved possibly, some setting are useful for sure but mess with settings on a detector too much and watch your finds rate fall if your not sure what your doing and adjusting for what reason.

What if one manufacturer came out with a machine with no menus, no options but just two tones and a few dials to find good and bad targets and promised it will strip the land bare ? Would you buy this machine I ask you.

Here at DeepTech Metal Detectors we can't promise you that we can supply a detector that will strip your permission clean but we can offer you simplicity in all our range of detectors, no complicated menus or options but more down the line of machines that can and will find you many nice items easily without complications.

Can listening for a high tone be hard ?, what if listening out for them clean high tones can bring you some fantastic finds like the DeepTech Detectors have done for me, Gold hammered, Gold Milled and same with the Silvers and many other lovely finds.

What you see in the photo is just some of my recent finds from a few various locations, all came along due to listening out for that one high tone from a DeepTech detector then digging them out

Want a detector that can do deep and can do fast then please look at the DeepTech range, from basic to advance there is a machine in the range that will work for your inland needs without giving you a headache.

Take a plunge and treat yourself like many others around the globe or do some research on our productive Detectors and see what others have found with them.

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