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Vista Gold Gain Super Six coil thoughts and digs
Posted by: Keith Southern
Date: February 16, 2018 11:58AM
Been using the Super 6 coil on the Gain...

Highly Impressed with it...Works small nails GREAT!!

THIS HAS TO BE THE BEST SITE MACHINE( iron infested pre aluminum period) COMBO I HAVE RAN TO DATE!!

The 30Khz over the regular 25khz gold model is TO ME a step up in unmasking...The audio is the new avenue audio that DeepTech has went to, like they use on the Warrior,Smart models..More INTENSE...the 30Khz does make it Sparky in iron more so than the Warrior but since it has that excellent warrior style audio I can really dissect a site with it Intelligently..The small coil takes the unmasking ability to a new level...all the mannerisms the audio offers to a target that's intermingled just cant be replicated on a digital platform...The small coil intensifies the smaller non ferrous intelligence on the severely masked targets in smaller iron especially ...YET don't dismiss the stock bulldog coil either its as good in iron as many machines using say 6 inch coil..

If you have a Gain get a super 6....go back where you have hunted...and be prepared to pull non ferrous once you learn the audio.The good hits just jumps out at you.It may be a one way hit in a barrage of rolling iron tone but once you get that tone of a goodie in your head of the rolling iron and high blips of falsing the one way hit will still be intelligent enough to make you dig..((One way would be say est west swing but only reports on say east approach))the severely masked stuff that other machine's either leave or just cant get enough of a sound off a one way approach to make you investigate over all the falsing that sound's like that one way blip produce everywhere...this is the magic for this machine the audio is so TELLING that only a piece of a high tone is like listening to Mozart... Like Mozart does beautiful and touches your senses...A symphony to the ears!

Heres some hard to get targets and the model 1859 Brass Spur was a it was in between a horseshoe and kettle piece..The site is so full of big iron and hunted to death its hard to dissect every pieces of big iron to find the items being masked..the Gain with Super 6 stopped me in my track's and said there's something in that large iron...and if you've ever dug spurs you know how hard they are to dig anyway by they're shape when in iron on even out of iron according to angle there laying..

Here's a Eagle coat button I pulled out from around a well hole I know I've swung a bunch it jumped out at me first pass through

Then next to a large piece of iron I got this Cherub design Suspender clip

Heres something to show the audio traits of dig me Vs dont...Iron knife blade with pewter tips on end and around where blade started

and heres a pic of the digs together...notice how much BIG brass was left hiding in iron TILL NOW..

Ive said it before...Were barely touching the iron for unmasking....with the GAIN were touching a little harder..!!!


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