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The Elliptical HP Coil Is Class
Posted by: Ziggy J
Date: March 27, 2018 01:14PM
DeepTech Vista Gold Gain and HP Elliptical Coil equals an amazing combination.

Yesterday was a brilliant day in many ways, not only was the sun shining but the machine showed me its true measure of performance.

The HP Elliptical Coil is not like its big brother the 11" Pitbull, but more of a precision tool for the VGG.
For starters it's the way if feels when swinging across the rotten stubble, it's lighter than the Pitbull so that's a big plus right away, then you have its high stability level, I can literally have the Gain and Sensitivity at full also the boost on and still clearly distinguish between ghost signals and good in normal soil conditions.

I've always liked a hot running machine when searching productive sites for the reasons you see in the photos and that's to catch the smallest of items.

If a site of full of trashy items then I prefer to run a machine more dossal so I'm not finding scraps of crap targets constantly but leaning more for the average coin sized stuff.

The Standard 11" Pitbull Coil that you get with the VGG is deeper for sure, but its not as focused as HP Elliptical, with the Pitbull you and the machine are taking in way more soil information compared to the HP Coil that can slight blur targets in some cases.
To make it a little easier to understand it's like giving a juggler 10 balls to manage instead of 4, hence he has to concentrate that bit harder on what he is doing.
With the HP Elliptical having to concentrate on less of the soil feedback and more of the metallic content in the soil it becomes a truly sharp tool for the VGG.

This coil really grabs hold of signals and lets you know they are there, sometimes depending on the items size and depth the machine may produce mixed audio initially but then it's down to you to work the target from all angles and home in on its predominant audio and make your mind up.
Personally I like to run a minimal amount of Disc when in a good area and this really does help to catch the smallest of items, if a trashy site or lots of Coke and lead then I run the Disc on the red dot to give me more audio description on undesirable targets but leave them at your loss.

This great match up of Coil and machine really served me well in the field, so much I didn't want to leave, great days Detecting for sure.

To sum up the HP Elliptical Coil.

After sometime in the field with it I personally think it's the best Coil for the Vista Gold Gain and makes an amazing second choice when buying an additional Coil for the VGG.

Build Quality is brilliant
It's super sensitive and stable
Easy to swing all day long even without the arm strap I personally find.
Also looks good what is nice.

A great asset for your VGG for sure.

Re: The Elliptical HP Coil Is Class
Posted by: Keith Southern
Date: March 27, 2018 01:21PM
Good info!!

Excellent finds for sure!!

I like that coil on warrior !!

Im wanting the 5" to come out..should be stellar in heavy iron....


Re: The Elliptical HP Coil Is Class
Posted by: SkiWhiz
Date: March 30, 2018 06:56AM
Nice,very nice.

Re: The Elliptical HP Coil Is Class
Posted by: Ziggy J
Date: April 04, 2018 05:36AM
Thank you

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