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Altering GB to bring out good targets in shallow iron... Video!
Posted by: Ziggy J
Date: May 03, 2018 02:04AM

This is in response of Calabash's video where he compares the Vista Gold Gain Vs the Equinox 800, in that video you will see the VGG matching the Equinox on every deep target and better in a couple of cases I feel.

There was just the iron tests that due to Calabash's lack of experience with the VGG he failed to get the targets around iron so I showed him in this video above how to get them targets, setting up the GB like in the video is only for shallow iron searching due to little soil between Coil and all items so the VGG has no need to see deep into soil, but for general searching with any Vista machine please make sure your GB is correct for the soil in order to get best Tone Is on targets and best Depth.

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