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DeepTech VGG on pasture and thoughts
Posted by: Ziggy J
Date: May 18, 2018 04:20AM
DeepTech 30kHz Vista Gold Gain
Pasture Outings and General Thoughts.

So far the VGG has been amazing on cultivated land, I've been grabbing targets around iron and it has been truly living up to the flagship status without a shadow of doubt and been a true pleasure to swing in the process especially with the HP Coil attached.

So now the crops are on many fields I thought it would be a great time to see how it deals with pasture, it's a good test of depth for any machine and when I grabbed my second target (in photo) what was a small button down at the length of the probe with clean audio,I was happily reassured that the VGG wasn't lacking anything performance wise on the green stuff instantly.

The last outing I was using the HP Elliptical Coil and walked into a paddock free from flint and with less compact hardened soil, this is so I could run the VGG flat out on the soft soil without having to deal with a 15 minute target recovery headache whilst assessing depth, with boost on and maxed out Sensitivity and Gain took the VGG on this soil to the edgy side but keeping the sweep speed steady and consistent I was able to distinguish between false signals and good, didn't need to run everything maxed out but wanted to see how it would cope, I recall at the start of last year I placed a Victorian Penny in front of a gate at 11 inches down for testing other machines, so I made my way there whilst sweeping the coil steadily across the tallish grass.

I eventually found the Penny and the VGG with the HP Coil on gave a nice clean two way signal, the coin has been sitting there for over a year now so it's well bedded into the soil, I'm no soil scientist but I would say that's very close to an undisturbed target so all good there.

I found many other bits and bobs with running the VGG at stable levels, buttons lead and coins also scraps of metal in the process at various depths and with different audio levels being fed back to my ears as to be expected, so I found no issues that I came across to be told just solid performance.

I'm going to be out on pasture many times between now and when the crops come off the seeded fields but just in these few times I have been out with the VGG on pasture it's performing very strong indeed whilst running at 30 kHz.

From hitting that small button strong with the 11" Pitbull Coil attached at 9" to grabbing the Victorian Penny at 11" I can't see any disappointments heading my way with this machine especially when it has already proved and found me a huge amount of silver in six months of detecting with it.

I've mentioned before that Detectors can be a very personal thing, you have machines on the market near double the price of the VGG and some people can't get on with them or don't like them for some reason or another, I guess it's all down to what your needs are from a machine, what I can say is with other machines with many menus and settings can lead to confusion and frustration and missed targets especially when you're not sure of how settings interact with others.

You don't have that issue with the VGG and other DeepTech models as all you basically need to do is switch on and ground balance and and alter your Sensitivity and Gain to match the ground, the VGG will take care of the rest, no settings to speed it up around iron or to hunt for the deeper targets on clean ground as it's all taken care of in the setup from the factory, but you can alter if you wish to search for the larger items or the tiny stater type targets specifically.

I can't emphasise further on how simple the DeepTech Machines are to use and adjust to each field you search.

Simple effective machines that find items with ease on ploughed and pasture.

Also a few finds live from the field in the video below....

WOW ....
Posted by: Elton
Date: May 18, 2018 08:21AM
To be honest I have no idea what type coins, or what the other finds you show are.
But they sure look old... and I would be very excited digging just one of them..
Their awesome looking. :drool:

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