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8" coil any good..
Posted by: chalkhillblue
Date: June 16, 2018 02:55AM
I am thinking of getting one but don't see much talk about them are they any good....

Re: 8" coil any good..
Posted by: Ziggy J
Date: June 16, 2018 06:23AM
Lightweight Coil, offers great separation and depth for size, I personally like it for dealing with semi loose stubble, glides well in this scenario, all in all it's a pleasure to use, not used in a while as I've been obsessed with the VGG.

Re: 8" coil any good..
Posted by: chalkhillblue
Date: June 23, 2018 12:03PM
Thanks zigg..

Re: 8" coil any good..
Posted by: RG-DeepTech
Date: June 25, 2018 11:57AM
Hi, maybe this review about the 8" round coil will help :)
With the Vista GOLD.
The names of units from other manufacturers are replaced with dots :)
By Eddy Rondags from Belgium:

"Hi Guys: I'm testing a new coil from deeptech for the moment....
So I used it today on it's first test.
A grassland at steep hills, near an 1703 farm and a vanished medieval watchtower.
The place is an heavy iron area: used since roman times.
I did searched a lot here in the past with different types of detectors such as ......., ..........., i used my 14" coil here, the standard coil and of course the pitbull coil last month.
The grassland has never been plowed because of protection by law.
So today it was time for the new 8 " too see what Eddy did left behind in aal the past years.
Mentioning that because of the large ammount of iron all coils have iron masking problems there.
The hill is quit steep: my ...... have stability issues there.
Also mention very strong winds today and wet enviroment.
So first item: stability:
There are spots at the field which I can hunt with groundbalance at 9 O clock while all at maximum.... other parts on the field required more groundbalance and less sensitivity.
But the new coil was able to run against the steep hills at 12 Oclock groundbalance and 40 sensitivity in slow mode.: Thats very good while other coils must do it at 14 O Clock groundbalance and 35 sensitivity
No false signals noticed
Second item: depth:
A very deep coil i must measure (maybe tommorow by airtest) but is gonna be near the pitbull.... maybe the pitbull a bit more depth.
Since i searched a lot here much surface objects where already taken, all finds of today were deep about: 20-30 cm
3 : weight
This coil is closed, it's a full disk, it weights a littele bit more but i don't feel it, the coil is still light, great for faster swinging. Round shape feels more natural in the wristle movements. So it very manoeuvrable, ideal for quick angle checks on signals.
4 : recovery speed:
Very fast recovery i noticed several new objects near old digged holes from last month + after iron object the signal immideately picks back again to the next object.
5 : Target separation: Outstanding! No overlapping signals this time ! I digged 2 different objects which were 5 cm near eachtother.
6 : Pinpointing: very easy, for the tiny objects which i couldn't find while they were in my hand i used the benifit of the closed disk.: the coil itself works better than my pinpointer so tiny thing you can search at the coil itself.
7: The protection cap of the connection: good idea to protect the connetion against dust and dirt
8:Coal -Normaly i experienced coal issues at this grassland.... no worries: i can reject most coal at 12 O clock groundbalance,.... but i got the feeling it rejects coal better in a natural way but maybe it's to early to conclude this in first field test.
So yes: i realy recommend this coil to you all.
Especially the roman or medieval searchers which love to find the tiny things."

Here some finds during the tests:

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