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The New 5” Coil for the Vista Gold Gain
Posted by: Ziggy J
Date: August 21, 2018 02:18PM
DeepTech Vista Gold Gain
New 5” sharp shooter coil.

So I took this coil out for the first time today as I thought it would be an ideal time to do some shallow hunting with, the ground is still very much solid and digging deep is not only hard work it’s very time consuming in the baked flint ground.

So started my session as like all the rest when testing a new coil, cranking up everything and checking stability and how they ground balance, the coil ground balanced spot on and would of happily ran flat out providing I didn’t want to scrape it along the hard flint filled soil, but I rarely run small coils flat out due to the very fact that I want these sized coils to scratch the soil without sounding off.

So I set the machine up where I wanted it to be super stable and still give me bags of sensitivity to grab some amazingly tiny items so off I went chicken scratching so to say.
I’ve always looked at detecting with small coils as shading in the ground with a pencil, you tend to naturally swing them faster so I go with that but really reduce my walking pace to pigeon steps, the speed of these Vista machines allow for this faster sweep speed especially when shallow hunting, very fast machines and known for it.

The coil was cutting through the long fallow lands grass nice and easy, this allowed me to keep the coil scuffing on top of the dusty grassy soil, no falsing just pure signals being transferred back to my ears, night and day kind of signals and I wouldn’t run this coil any other way on this kind of land.

Over the course of four hours I was grabbing signals here and there, also the quality of the signals are just like the bigger coils, small lead gave it’s same slight scratchy audio whilst checking and so on, the two hammereds I found gave crystal clear solid hard hitting audio from around 5”s down, was happy to hear the quality of audio on these hammereds indeed, these machines love the silver that’s for sure.

I can see just by going on today’s outing and running completely stable settings this machine will punch very well on the bigger stuff considering the size of the coil.

It truly was a great session and the coil exceed my expectations, it was great with its identification on iron small and large, it’s a very manageable coil to swing with ease, also this coil is very versatile so it’s ideal for woodland hunting when creeping up to them awkward tree bases where bigger coils just can’t be swung around.

Another place where this coil will excel is when searching right up close near wired fences especially when dialling back the power of the VGG, also under hedgerows, anywhere basically the bigger coils are awkward to swing.

If you have any back or shoulder injuries that don’t allow you to swing bigger coils or you just wish to have a smaller manageable focused coil that helps pinpoint targets directly under it’s small footprint with ease, then this coil will serve you well.

I really could call this a sniper coil, it’s accurate and sharp to grab them targets especially as it’s attached to the already pin sharp 30 kHz Vista Gold Gain.

A highly recommended this coil indeed and it’s small enough to store in a rucksack or bag for when its needed to be put to action.

Think I will be keeping this coil on the VGG whilst the ground is awkward, after today it may even stay on after also.


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