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Yet another question about the disc!
Posted by: dan b
Date: October 01, 2018 11:27AM
I'm aware that you can only disc up to foil, leaving all the pull-tabs, canslaw and the rest of the non-ferrous trash. But when you get a high tone on a piece of canslaw, does it sound different than the tone from a coin? With my Vaquero I can hear the difference between coins and jagged aluminum. Are the Deeptech machines like that too? Can you hear "round" even if the coins are steel like here in Canada? Are they true analogue machines like a Tesoro, or are they digital? I really like the way Tesoros work, and these Deeptech machines make me think that this is might be the next-best-thing in analogue detectors. But only if the audio is of the same excellent quality.



Re: Yet another question about the disc!
Posted by: Ziggy J
Date: October 03, 2018 03:59AM
It all depends on size and quality of item also depth, there are many tones that these machine can produce, without going in to the whole bag of what can effect the audio, but in general the metal content and quality plays a huge roll when running disc, so a pure silver coin will give a clean cut night and day signal providing it’s not near any other inferior metal.
A poor quality coin will still sound good but if running a higher disc it will tend to give a low ish tone when sweeping off the targets.

As said there’s many outcomes depending on ground situation, it’s that good I can call what’s a lead air pellet to a small silver coin, gold can be like lead and that’s why you can’t risk leaving anything bar iron with these field machines.

Re: Yet another question about the disc!
Posted by: dan b
Date: October 07, 2018 08:36AM
Thanks for the response.

Re: Yet another question about the disc!
Posted by: rod-pa
Date: October 08, 2018 10:10AM
I am only 2 months into my Deeptech experience. I have been digging ALOT of hi/lo and hi/scratchy sounding items to help educate me on the types of objects I encounter. So far, a lot of the mixed hi/lo objects are hotrocks or foil. The hotrocks are much more likely to also have some scratchy or dropping out sounds around the edges. some of the foil also has scratchiness.

I am always going to dig something that is almost all hi tones, even if there is a low mixed in. Some times the old buttons give a low in there....but if the lows are prevalent and only off the edges...almost always a hot rock for me. Or large iron. It is fun to size up a large iron item out in an open field. I can leave the long metal plow tines now.

It is amazing in two areas I have hunted alot....I got a whole bunch of nickels that were so nice the VGG saw, and got two small cuff buttons with complete iron shanks. The buttons dense metal gave such nice hi tones, that the one or two iron tones didnt make them a "no" dig. The foil hi tones arent usually quite so good...but if i have to dig a bit of foil to get those buttons...OK.

Re: Yet another question about the disc!
Posted by: dan b
Date: October 11, 2018 09:29PM
I would love to see a video of the DeepTech on pulltabs, crown caps and coins. I’m not a field hunter, so it’s typical park environment I’m curious about.

Re: Yet another question about the disc!
Posted by: Druid
Date: October 12, 2018 01:24PM
Yeah X2, I sent an email to RG Deeptech to inquire about a "North American edition" like they have for UK.
I don't see any huge technical problems in putting a full range discrimination pot into one of the Vista units that would increase their utility to include park type hunting.
Would be nice to have the option to set tone break anywhere on the disc scale and knock out up to zinc.

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