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About the coke button in sprite at maximum discrimination
Posted by: juit
Date: October 22, 2018 10:28PM
Ok guys if you press the coke button at maximum discrimination it will reject all items

If you set it in the middle of the last segment it will knock out new version pulltabs but the older ones are visable
For me this is enough because i like to detect musket balls or lead bullets

Rusty crown caps the machine gets fooled by them but in coke mode it will see them a lil better for a DD coil this is great
I would love to se a concentric coil in this machines so they can see better the rusty crown caps or other stuff

Crushed cans can give some minor iron tones but i need to test this at the field before opening my big mouth

If you need me to run other test please let me know

All coins from zinks and above are visible

I didnt see any signs of depth loss running in coke mode on the air testing

I also need to know if its safe to run it at coke mode all the time

I used the stock 11 coil

Whites MXT all Pro , M5 & IDX hot version
2 5900 Di Pro Sl
Nokta Anfibio multi
Tesoro eldorado widescan coil

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Re: About the coke button in sprite at maximum discrimination
Posted by: Ziggy J
Date: October 24, 2018 04:04PM
Good information there and thank you for sharing :thumbup:

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