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Deeptech - leaving Disc range where it is at
Posted by: rod-pa
Date: November 26, 2018 03:22PM
I dont want to clutter up the other recent post requesting more DISC from Deeptech. I simply want to paint a different view.
My primary detectors for the past 4 years have been F75 and MMK. The F75 has a ton of power, and in my mostly mild soil, is exceptionally deep. However, in the many very old sites I get to dig in (from about 1720s on) eastern PA, I have found a very low quantity of old coins in the lower portion of the disc scale. I know they are there. The main coins in question are ones like the 3 cent nickel (not trime), FE cent, 1 dollar gold, and at depth/vertical in hole, higher coins.

I took all my samples of low conductive coins, and tested them all with VGG, both vertical positioned and lying flat. I started the disc at the far right, and just kept turning it lower until each one of those coins registered high tone. That spot is JUST past 12oclock for the gold coin and 3cent on edge. So there is where my disc limit is at..although I usually set it lower at the default spot.

I am pretty sure that when I am using the F75 and MMK, I am mentally discriminating higher, and not focused enough just on the sound..VGG lets me get rid of the mental discrimination, and just focus on the sounds.

Since getting the VGG, I have re-visited two sites which have had a fairly high coin count. At both sites, I dug multiple 5 cent nickels at pretty good depths I am certain I walked over quite a few times with both of the other detectors. two of them were shallow, but vertically positioned.

It gives me confidence that I have a better chance of nailing a gold coin at the depths they are most likely resting at, just going with the low disc.

I do understand modern coin shooting is way different than what I am trying to do. I have seen many articles describing how adding disc causes a loss in depth. I would hate to lose a powerful depth unit for the option of adding disc. If they would do it with different models....I am all for that !!


Re: Deeptech - leaving Disc range where it is at
Posted by: Sven
Date: November 26, 2018 04:26PM
Majority of people like to hunt with higher disc when it comes to coins. They hunt many trashy areas and accept the loss of such small silver coins as 3 cent pcs.. Some have physical difficulties digging too many holes filled with trash, higher disc solves this issue. But, when the hunter gets more experience and decides to get serious and decides no longer needs to run higher than foil disc. and is willing to dig more trash. The DT will be the machine.
You would not lose a high power unit because of an expanded disc range higher than foil. Higher disc. range beyond foil is just to capture another market group of detectorists who would otherwise not invest into a DT. Like Tesoro owners who are looking for something that will do deeper and a tone machine with adjustable break points.

The Vista Gold is amazing on small silver and gold, just set the break point accordingly and reduce the iron volume.
Green zone is my gold zone. MG is Micro Gold break and if you don't want the majority of gold bump the break point up to the red zone. If your a coin hunter, don't dig anything that produces a low tone below the red disc break point setting. Dig high tones. The Vista Gold did make a very nice modern day coin hunter. Just set it up correctly using the Super 6 coil or the smaller round coil.

Nokta/Makro Anfibio-Multi, Makro Multi-Kruzer, and few others
Self built Mirage Pi's --- they work great in trashy areas!!

Re: Deeptech - leaving Disc range where it is at
Posted by: Druid
Date: December 02, 2018 11:58AM
Hi Rod,
I don't think that a higher disc machine would be based on the Vista Gold Gain as that is a specialist detector, probably more along the lines of a Smart+ .
As Sven points out the Deeptech machines aren't likely to lose their impressive depth, just expand their usefulness for varied sites, and hunting types.
Obviously one need not turn up disc beyond any specific minimum if they so choose, totally up to the user and the intended targets.

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