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Re: Very Cool Tony!.
Posted by: Tony N (Michigan)
Date: September 18, 2017 10:25AM
I never heard of that detector - so I had to look it up.
It looks pretty cool and by yoiur find it went very deep. Did it give you a solid tone or iffy signal?

I had a very good ID. The tone wasn't perfect by any means but it was there.
I've dug some very deep wheat backs in this park with it. But my deepest find ever was a buffalo nickel in my back yard, which is rather sandy, that was almost as deep as from my fingertip to my elbow. Just not quite that deep.
I'd put it between 14 and 15 inches. I was so flabberghasted with I dug it out. I never gave up on digging it. I knew I heard a good signal so kept digging and putting the pinpointer down the hole. Finally around 12ish inches
with the Garrett pinpointer at the highest setting, I was getting a good hit. Dug down the rest of the way and popped it out. Here is a picture of it. The clasp was a little deeper.

Re: Very Cool Tony!.
Posted by: BigTony
Date: September 18, 2017 10:45AM
I have to say - at that depth I would have given up.

Glad you kept at it and got a cool reward too.


Re: My Indian Head drought is finally over . . .
Posted by: woody
Date: September 18, 2017 08:51PM
Really love those Indians.

Re: Very Cool Tony!.
Posted by: timwied
Date: September 26, 2017 06:36PM
I looked up this Detector, looks like it doesn't have depth on pinpoint? How do you know how deep to dig? I am thinking about getting one, but that's a game changer.

Tony (Michigan)
Which machine did you use to locate that one?

I found it with my Detech Chaser. :wink:

Fisher F4, Garrett Pro Pinpointer Pro AT,Started Detecting December 31, 2013, Oldest 2014 - 1861 Seated Liberty Dime. 2015: 1863 & 1864 Indian Head Cents, 1 foot apart. 2016: 1700's Chinese Cash Coin & Fatty, no date, 1860-1864 Indian Head Cent, Two 52 caliber ringtail sharps Confederate Bullets, and 4 pistol balls in the same hole. Two Union Bullets, one is 58 caliber Williams Cleaner. 2017: 1863 Indian Head Cent, U.S. Civil War Waist Plate (Buckle), Sterling U.S. Collar Pin.

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