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2017 part 2...silver restarts my season!
Posted by: REVIER
Date: October 13, 2017 06:26AM
It's been a long, hot dry summer here in Bama...hard to even get motivated in the heat and in good spots it is hard to dig without wrecking everything even with my Sampson.
Nate dropped a lot of rain on us last weekend and the temps are finally falling a little so the weather isn't baking the moisture out if the soil so badly and quickly and the signals are better.
I got though our "winter" downtime so now it is time to start up again in earnest.
In a lawn I have been hunting all summer after the few rains we had gave up a lot but I thought I was done.
Yesterday I tried one more time and the ground had the perfect amount of moisture, the digging was perfect, the signals were better and more numerous and this thing popped up...Lucky #13 silver target for me in 2017.
I used to love summer and hate winter when I grew up in Michigan but now that is flipped.
Time for the games to begin again in earnest...phase 2 of the 2017 hunting season is just beginning for us here now.
About time.
A good start, hope there is much more to come.

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Re: 2017 part 2...silver restarts my season!
Posted by: DougF
Date: October 15, 2017 09:33AM
Nice one - I went out Fri. and also got a 1943P war nickel. The last three months of the year is the most productive time for me. We got some rain from Nate also, after a long dry spell.

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Re: 2017 part 2...silver restarts my season!
Posted by: NiagracountyNY
Date: October 19, 2017 07:28PM
Rain helps alot..Grats on the silver!

Re: 2017 part 2...silver restarts my season!
Posted by: timwied
Date: October 19, 2017 08:14PM
Congrats on the good start to the season! I got started last weekend, found one Civil War 32 caliber pistol bullet and another 32 just after the War, and a 1907 Indian Head! Summer is a good time to research, scout and get permissions! Now I'm ready!!!

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Re: 2017 part 2...silver restarts my season!
Posted by: E-Trac-Ohio
Date: October 20, 2017 04:41AM
Any day you find Silver is a good day - congrats !

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