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A Tale of Two Dimes and Two Keys
Posted by: Gamma_Joe
Date: November 21, 2017 05:22PM
These came out of a parking lot for a city park. They were found with the Omega 8000.

- - -

The two dimes were about 20 feet apart, and both were about 4 inches down.

This is how they looked when they came up. The 1951 silver is shiny and clean, just like on the day when it got dropped there. The 1999 clad looks like ... well, it looks like a clad. Same dirt, same depth.

The 1951's collector value is about $1.20 (but I won't sell it).

The clad will go with other clads into the CoinMaster sorter at the local supermarket. The machine will keep 10% when I cash in, so I'll get 9 cents for that dime.

All the clads together pay for new batteries. Can't complain about anything, with plenty of exercise and fresh air.

- - -

The two keys were three feet apart, and just an inch down.

They have the same pattern, cut for the same lock.

It raises the question: why would a guy have a key and a spare key, and then carry them both together in the same pocket?

What happened later? Was there another key to open the lock ... or not?

- - -

Sometimes trying to figure out human nature, we just wind up wondering more.

What a great hobby -- something to discover and think about, with every beep.


Re: A Tale of Two Dimes and Two Keys
Posted by: pan4au
Date: November 21, 2017 05:57PM
perhaps they had a key made from the original and lost both before he put the spare up.

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Re: A Tale of Two Dimes and Two Keys
Posted by: Gamma_Joe
Date: November 22, 2017 08:08AM
Correction: the silver dime's a 1959, not a 1951.


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