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Two silver day!
Posted by: DaveNV
Date: March 04, 2018 07:45PM
Visiting my daughter's family in So Utah. Went back to a vacant field that I had detected, before. On previous visits, I found a Standing Lib quarter, lots of Wheaties and lots of junk. Thought I'd gotten it all, but decided to give it a try, this time with my AT-Gold. I was using the stock coil and the 1st coin program. I was very impressed with how the detector worked; dug many coins in the 6-8 inch range. In fact, both silver dimes were found at about 6", with nails near by. Probably why they were still here.

Final tally:
1 Merc
1 Silver Rosy
1 Utah tax token
2 Jefferson nickels
3 Wheaties (one was even a 1914, but no "D")
A bunch of zinker stinkers
And a whole lot of ferrous and non-ferrous junk.

Anyway, it was a successful outing.

Re: Two silver day!
Posted by: Mkus
Date: March 05, 2018 08:46AM
Nice better than no silver!

Re: Two silver day!
Posted by: BigTony
Date: March 05, 2018 06:04PM
Congratulations on those finds! Silver coins make us smile but that tax token is very cool indeed.

Re: Two silver day!
Posted by: timwied
Date: March 05, 2018 07:36PM
Any silver is a good day!!! Congrats on two!!!

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Re: Two silver day!
Posted by: always diggin 2
Date: March 05, 2018 07:39PM

Started detecting Oct 2010 w/Tracker 4; March 2011 upgraded to F2; Compadre; Leashe; Makro PP; F44

Re: Two silver day!
Posted by: calabash digger
Date: March 06, 2018 06:43AM
congrats on the silver!

Re: Two silver day!
Posted by: DaveNV
Date: March 06, 2018 12:42PM
Thanks! I know these are not very exciting finds, to those of you farther east, but silver is getting increasingly hard to find, out here. I look at the really old finds some of you make and drool! Finding a “virgin” spot is hard (seems to be getting that way, all over), plus our ground out here is VERY mineralized and dry (what,,,dry dirt in the desert?). Lastly, one just doesn’t find really deep finds, because, the top soil/overburden is only 6-8”, in most places. I have detected all over the country, and have made some great finds in the East. One time, I was tdy (military guys will understand that) to Washington D.C. Of course, I had my detector along, so in my off hours, I went searching. Found an open spot near the senior officers quarters. I started digging up the large, white-oxidized bullets. Hey, sez I, these look like some of the so-called mini-balls I’ve seen in some of the detecting mags. Sure enough, they were. Over the course of three days, I found in excess of 100, (most all of them dropped) plus a badly worn Eagle Cent and a couple of period buttons. That was really exciting.

Re: Two silver day!
Posted by: calabash digger
Date: March 06, 2018 08:48PM
silver is cool to find period imo... That's a lot of lead.

Re: Two silver day!
Posted by: Sataro
Date: March 09, 2018 02:15PM
Congrats on some very nice finds!!!

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