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Re: Gold, Big Silver and Other Goodies!
Posted by: E-Trac-Ohio
Date: May 28, 2018 05:54AM
Congrats on the fantastic bunch of finds !

XP Deus * 9" LF Coil * Vance / Killer B Hybrid Headphones
Minelab E-Trac * 5" - 4.5" x 7" - Stealth X-8 Coils * Killer B + Gray Ghost Headphones

1724 - K.G. Half Penny * 1736 - K.G. Half Penny * 1783 - Half Real
1817 - Large Cent * 1829 - Capped Bust Dime * 1837 - Capped Bust Half Dime * 1852 - Three Cent * 1857 - Flying Eagle Cent * 1865 - Two Cent * 1877 - Seated Quarter

Re: Gold, Big Silver and Other Goodies!
Posted by: earthlypotluck
Date: May 29, 2018 03:10PM
Great hunt! Good Ol' Ben is still on my list to find....

Fear is paralyzing and courage is liberating. No matter what is put in front of you, there is always a way to make it work.

Dreams are just dreams, goals are dreams with deadlines. The desire to succeed comes from within. Stay focused on your goals, and if people say that you can’t do something, get them out of your life and move on.

Re: Gold, Big Silver and Other Goodies!
Posted by: Brierfield
Date: May 30, 2018 04:55PM
Thanks ETO & Earthly Potluck!

I went back to the same street a couple of times since the pictured finds. At one house across the street I found a 1937D silver Washington quarter. A few weeks ago in the yard next to the old 1850s dogtrot house, I found a 1953 1/10 Balboa silver coin from Panama. Boy was I surprised at that!

Today I went back and got a permission at another house across the street and found practically nothing. It was getting hot, so I plan to return to that yard in a few days at a much earlier time. I also went to a large vacant lot in the next block of the street today, and found a few wheats and a 10K gold wedding band. That makes two gold rings on this same street in the past two weeks. I had gone three years without finding a gold ring until these; this hobby can sure run hot or cold!

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