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Second trip to the "Tree Coin" site yields :beers: Plus Ultra!
Posted by: Ytcoinshooter
Date: June 04, 2018 08:20AM
June 1 detecting finds photos.
We went back to the site of the Pine Tree Schilling and pistareen. I'm thinking we should get on some heavy work gloves and move the larger modern era overburden of metal trash from a section that needs it. My stepson pulled a colonial copper and I think an 1844 large cent. On 6/1. Rain, high humidity, sweat, dirt, briars and poison ivy were constant companions.
One real cob 1730
Assayer initial "G" below the mintmark pegs this as only 1730.
Weight is typically 3.38 grams
Silver pocket watch. I'll take this to my good friend who is a jeweler. I'm guessing coin silver case.
I wanted to know who made this and it is engraved Humbert Geneva. Had my jeweler open the case and enlighten me. Antique European, Geneva was a hub of fine watch making.
Curious how much the case alone weighs?
Belt bracelet.
He also straightened the bracelet. Belt bracelet is a style seen as late as about 1940 and as far back as 1900. Popularity of styles fluctuated, sometimes repeated.
Very top I believe is a 1/2 cent. I should compare the properties of a contemporary farthing that would have passed along side the Spanish silver.
Cool finds, quality toy gun.
It's a break top design, needs some lube after a bit more cleaning.
Realistic design.
A group from another colonial era site this past week. There's a CT copper there, the deepest copper I've dug at a full 12". Plowed and and smoothed, prepped farm field.
The EQX hit this hard with the stock coil raised a bit.

I'm hoping my stepson can find day this week to go back, it's his permission. Sometimes he will forgo sleeping after working a double at the prison just so he can get in some detecting! He's 37 and a rugged guy. Anyways gas, lunch, beer, energy drinks anything he wants or needs to keep going is on me :thumbup:
HH - Bruce

Re: Second trip to the "Tree Coin" site yields :beers: Plus Ultra!
Posted by: Mkus
Date: June 05, 2018 06:04AM
Nice finds

Re: Second trip to the "Tree Coin" site yields :beers: Plus Ultra!
Posted by: 407floyd
Date: June 05, 2018 05:30PM
Good stuff! Great fun! Congrats on a very good site.

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