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June 9th hunt in late summer conditions. It's not summer yet!
Posted by: 407floyd
Date: June 10, 2018 08:20PM
Summer is still over a week away and Texas has been experiencing summer conditions for over a month now. The ground is like concrete. Anyway, chipped out a few relics before I about collapsed. The belt buckle is from the Chambers Belt Co. in Phoenix, Arizona. They've only been around since 1947, so it can't be very old. It was once nickel silver plated. I tried researching the ANC&CO lid and came up with nothing. There's a Mississippi Tax token in there. The key is a Hurd 1932-1939 Ford car key. The chalky white bullet is 5/8" in diameter. I think it's pretty old. Two of the cartridges have been bitten closed, obvious teeth marks. There's also a cap to a hot water bottle in the upper left corner. It could be from a canteen, but I'm figuring hot water bottle. The silver, melted blob may actually be silver since it came out of the ground shiny amongst other melted blobs in the area. The aluminum disk in the lower right corner has a grid of dots on one side. I've found these before, but don't know what the are. It's funny, the two shoe buckles were together like the pair of shoes decomposed and disintegrated, leaving nothing but the buckles. I hope it's cooler and wetter wherever you are. Stay hydrated!

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Re: June 9th hunt in late summer conditions. It's not summer yet!
Posted by: Mkus
Date: June 11, 2018 07:31AM
Nice finds man its the complete opposite here in Ct wet cold spring but I like it for detecting..

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