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Nox....First hunt, first silver for the year and more!
Posted by: REVIER
Date: June 13, 2018 05:48PM
Haven't been out nearly enough this year, something always distracts me, I really don't like hunting in the heat much at all anymore, unless it rains around here the digging is just tough plus it is not easy to avoid wrecking up the grass in drought conditions.
I was happy with my detectors but a buddy got a Nox and I saw what it could do in my challenging devil dirt with the red clay, high mineralization and massive iron masking just about everything everywhere.
The hype I didn't care about, what I saw with my eyes did so I got an 800.
Now I guess I have to get out there more if only to learn the thing.

I have two friends with them now and neither really knows what they are doing yet but they were both shocked at what it could do here.
I have studied the manual and watched a ton of vids and it is still confusing, I barely know how to turn the thing on...still, I went out on my first hunt today.
Short, just a few hours to start to get acclimated and the heat is a killer but it rained so the digging was fine.

Spent a little time in a local park I can walk to where I found a lonely modern memorial cent but I hit two houses on my block that I have hunted continuously and much more than just often for like over 2 years now, it has been awhile since anything decent has popped up at either so I figure a good first test.

The 1920 wheat was found first in one lawn with factory settings Park 2.
The second what was found on my way back after I changed the settings a bit to cherry pick high tones just before I found those nickels at the other house.
I believe I was in Park 1, I disced out everything but a few numbers above and below 13 and changed it all to high tones then I knocked out the rest except for the high conductive stuff.
I chose well.
Both nickels were in the same hole with some iron in there too, numbers bounced a bit from 11-14 but repeated so I dug the hole.
Honestly I never expected to dig up a nickel let alone 2 and a war nickel and a buff together blew my mind.

Any one of these older coins would have made my day, to find them all on one hunt in lawns I scoured to death...and found them fairly easily too, again, mind blown.
I am good at getting around and dealing with my masking problems but none of these older coins ever showed up on my radar once and none were particularly deep, just well hidden.
I didn't feel like digging much trash either so I will throw in a pic of all the trash I dug today, which you might not believe.

Considering I know hardly anything about this thing and I could do this in our dirt with such limited knowledge and skill bodes well.
First hunt, found my first silver for the year plus more.
Wonder what I will be able to do in the future with more hours under my belt?

"What if doing the Hokey Pokey really IS what it's all about?”
Currently using an F70 and a Mojave....and a Nox.

Re: Nox....First hunt, first silver for the year and more!
Posted by: Foreverteachable
Date: July 06, 2018 07:33AM
Congratulations! You will begin to find more, trust those 23-26 vdis and repeatable sweet tones for dimes and cherry pick an area.

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