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Finds with the GTI2500
Posted by: Gamma_Joe
Date: June 21, 2018 05:26PM
Here's some finds for two days with the GTI2500.

... The statue is heavy (feels like lead). It's about 3.5 inches high.

... The emblem is for the Jacksonville Jaguars football team.

... The bottle cap is from an old bottle of Gilbey's Gin.

... The wheel looks like it was a flywheel for a clock. Nothing else was found around it.

... The Social Security card is aluminum. (In the photograph, I blurred the person's name and SSI number for privacy. He died in 2003.)

... The bullet slug is a .32 hollow point.

... The medal is marked "CONVERGYS".

... The Wheat pennies are 1930, 1944, 1945, 1946, and the Canada penny is 1979.

... The key has floral decorations, and is marked "Ford".

- - -

This detector scores on depth and accuracy in its target imaging. It's a pleasure to use.


Re: Finds with the GTI2500
Posted by: bootyhoundpa
Date: June 21, 2018 06:39PM
Cool social security card. .. i found a brass one years ago....

Re: Finds with the GTI2500
Posted by: C&RHunter
Date: June 21, 2018 09:05PM
Nice finds. The key is a Model T key.

Re: Finds with the GTI2500
Posted by: Mkus
Date: July 09, 2018 07:26PM
Cool finds I had the GTI 2500 as my first Detector to found my first two barber dimes with if I’m a spill!

Re: Finds with the GTI2500
Posted by: doc holiday232
Date: July 11, 2018 09:55AM
Neat finds with an ole warhorse.

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