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"You’re not going to get anything here."
Posted by: JoeVal
Date: December 20, 2018 06:32PM
"I see guys here all the time metal detecting, and they say all the good stuff is gone from here. You’re just wasting your time."

This was the advice I received this morning from a fella walking his dog in the park I was hunting. Interestingly, I was digging a quarter from 8” when he walked by and imparted his wisdom upon me. I thanked him for his sage advice, and said I just might as well quit now and go somewhere else. He walked on and I went on to dig the rest of this small cache of coins.

Not sure if it was kids or adults detecting here, but when I got a nice loud 31 screaming at me from just below the grass, I looked to see that the spot had been dug up before. I just moved the dirt with my hand and found that whoever dug this hole, put back the large disc that looks like a watch back. Really?? Putting your trash back in the hole? I must say, this is the first time I’ve seen this.

The other picture is the penny I dug at the full length of the pinpointer at 10”. The Equinox signaled like that penny was sitting on the grass. What a crazily amazing machine. I think I just might keep it in the herd.:clapping:

Anyway, today’s goal was to find $2.50, which would put me at $100 of dug coins since July 22nd. I made it, and think I’ll visit this "hunted out park" again in the near future. :super:

Re: "You’re not going to get anything here."
Posted by: GA1dad
Date: December 20, 2018 06:45PM
Reminds me of a recent find of mine. I got a signal over an obviously previously dug plug. I flipped it open and found a flattened piece of cooper pipe,,, or so I initially thought. After rubbing it off a little I noticed some very small text. It turned out to be an old lipstick tube from the 40's. Needless to say I was quite please with the previous guys trash he covered back up.

Some great finds last couple days out.:thumbup:N/T
Posted by: ohio fred
Date: December 20, 2018 06:48PM

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Re: "You’re not going to get anything here."
Posted by: earthlypotluck
Date: December 20, 2018 06:48PM
Every now and then I come across another hunter stating those famous words. I remember this elderly gent exiting his vehicle and walking over to tell me he and his buddies cleaned this particular place out AND that I was wasting my time. <-----this event took place 28 years ago.

I just went along with him and smiled. Seconds before this gent pulled up I had just placed a 1914 Barber dime in my pocket. Sure mister its cleaned out :rofl:

To this day, I still find silver and wheats in this place. Granted it is becoming extremely difficult, but I persist!

Congrats on a nice "cleaned out" hunting area!! :cheers:

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Re: "You’re not going to get anything here."
Posted by: GeorgeinSC
Date: December 21, 2018 09:25AM
My son and I were hunting an old national guard armory that was no longer in use. Had a gentleman walk across the street and strike up a conversation. As we talked he informed me that he had already removed every coin from the park next door and from the grounds of the old armory. I did not have the heart to tell him that my son had just dug his first silver coin. I also did not have the heart to tell him that not only had I dug a lot of clad out of those two properties that I had dug 13 silver coins out of them. My sons find made number 14. Yes it was hunted out. For some reason I think he may have been mistaken.

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Re: "You’re not going to get anything here."
Posted by: Mkus
Date: December 21, 2018 10:21AM
Yeah right is all I say 'hunted out' heck I hunted a park two times that's been absolutely killed over the years its right near a huge popular beach
I think the second time I hunted it I got my first gold coin lol!
I keep going back just pulled a 1876 CC seated quarter there in sept..and we never find CC coins here..

Re: "You’re not going to get anything here."
Posted by: Brian Smith
Date: December 21, 2018 02:08PM
Have to smile. I have found coins in places I thought I had hunted out, I guess you and they never get them all...Brian Smith

Re: "You’re not going to get anything here."
Posted by: laplander
Date: December 21, 2018 05:54PM
"You're not going to get anything here" is the invitation/challenge I am looking for, to bad you didn't find much LOL:rofl:

Re: "You’re not going to get anything here."
Date: December 21, 2018 06:56PM
I still hunt hunted out old parks and usually go home with a silver or two. I've come to some conclusions as to why I can hunt the exact same spot over time, and why I and others have missed the so called obvious deeper targets. The most obvious is trying to cover too much ground too quick, swinging the coil much too fast. I've slowed way down to about 3-4 second sweeps, listening for that short quick one way blip in the headset. Doing a 360 degree sweep around that single little high pitched one way whisper, some directions you get no blips at all. Usually there is one position where you can pull out a double sound sweeping. So, in addition to freezing / thawing moving the coin (target), soil moisture and halo conditions, I believe it's the luck of the draw on sweeping going the right direction. Ninety percent of my decision to dig is based on the sound coming from a quality pair of earphones, the other 10% is for verification, depth and pinpointing.

Reminds me of two facts of metal detecting. You can't fool mother nature, but 9-12 inch bottle caps can fool you :ranting:

Re: "You’re not going to get anything here."
Posted by: trojdor
Date: December 26, 2018 02:10AM
I much prefer hunting place that are "hunted out". :thumbup:

Most of the moderately deep trash (like pull tabs and bottle caps), and 'iffy' signals have already been cleaned out...
...leaving the deep silver signals.


Re: "You’re not going to get anything here."
Posted by: E-Trac-Ohio
Date: December 27, 2018 06:42AM
Congrats on the great finds !

Never believe anyone when they tell you a site is "Hunted Out" !

Five years ago I was in Maine for two months getting my Mother In Law's house ready to sell.
There was a small 200 ft. long beach a few miles from her house that was located only a 1/4 mile down the coast from a 1600's military fort.

The first time I went to hunt the beach the homeowner in the house next door told me - " Don't even waste your time trying to find anything on that beach - I've lived here for 20 years and I see people out there with metal detectors all the time".
Well, after hunting this beach a dozen times ( mainly at night and during low tides) he was right - there was nothing to be found.
Except for the (125 plus - a real number ! ) - 1700's & 1800's coins and relics, pieces of jewelry and modern coins that I found !

Good Hunting !

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Re: "You’re not going to get anything here."
Posted by: woody
Date: December 27, 2018 03:38PM
Those stories tell it all. Go detect!

Re: "You’re not going to get anything here."
Posted by: billybones
Date: January 09, 2019 09:52PM
Yeah Ive been to hunted out areas many times ,but i never ask myself why do i still go there. may its because i still add stuff to my pouch! ARRH MR HARDEES billybones chgo

Re: "You’re not going to get anything here."
Posted by: oldmoney
Date: January 11, 2019 12:13PM
One of my last of the year was at a court house lawn. I had an older gentleman come and tell I wasn't going to find anything there as he had hunted it out years ago and there had been a lot of construction to the building and the ground had been torn up many times. All the while he is telling me this I had 2 mercury dimes, a silver button, a gold ring, 7 Buffalo's, about 15 wheat's and pile of clad in my pouch. I told him that I had found a few keepers, which of course he couldn't believe. So I showed him the mercury dimes. He was dumbfounded, then proceeded to ask what machine I was using. I told him Mine lab E-trac. He said well I wouldn't pay that much money for a metal detector, and walked away. It was a great day.

Re: "You’re not going to get anything here."
Posted by: Blind Squirrel
Date: January 12, 2019 05:01PM
JoeVal, your post put a smile on my face. I hunted an old trailer park that a detectorist told me about. He must have been a newbie because he didn't fill his holes. Of course I swung my coil over his unfilled holes before filling them in. On one of the holes I got a strong 86-87 reading on my old XLT and noticed a rusty bottle cap on the top of the pile of dirt. The signal? It was a large sterling silver ID bracelet. No site is ever hunted out! Best of luck and...

Happy Hunting!
Blind Squirrel

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