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Nox 800 Scores my first gold coin- 1852 1 Dollar
Posted by: coinworld
Date: April 05, 2019 12:27PM
All I can say is WOW! a friend of mine invited me back to dig at her PA farm yesterday which per research states was part of the Gettysburg Campaign during 1863. We have recovered several Yankee and Reb belt plates/buckles and buttons; I dug last month two firsts (first Block I), Virginia Coat and my first Confederate Georgia frame buckle. The good Lord has abundantly blessed me and if I have never dig another relic the rest of my life, I am indeed a happy man.

Back to the story, so we all arrive at the site and not more than an hour of detecting my hosts informs me try a different section of property where she just dug s belt keeper and Confederate hat pin "B". Not more than 15 minutes I get a decent solid hit on my Nox800 reading "12" solid lock from all directions about 4-5 inches in depth. After careful pinpointing I dig plug and am staring at the tiniest coin I have ever seen-yet dug. I could see the very discernible "1" Dollar in the reverse and it wasn't until I picked up the coin and held it in my hand to look at more carefully did my brain fully realize what I had just dug: my very first gold coin-1852 1 dollar. I was expecting either foil or another buffalo or Jefferson nickle as the other two nickles I dug locked on "12" solid from all directions on the Nox800.

I am impressed with this machine thus far and am still learning the various nuances since I purchased it new in January. One thing I can not overemphasize if you are after gold coins or other gold with the Nox you have to be prepared to dig a lot of trash and low VDI numbers. Had I never dug a nickle with the Nox which both times locked on "12" VDI I would have never dug this beautiful coin. It appears someone back in the day had the coin mounted in a pendant or similar as you can see a bit of solder on the rim. Not sure if worth trying to have it professionally removed by a jeweler as I do not want to damage the coin. None-the-less I am not complaining and extremely blessed and thankful unto the Lord for allowing me the opportunity to recover such a coveted piece of gold coin history! Happy Hunting!


Re: Nox 800 Scores my first gold coin- 1852 1 Dollar
Posted by: billpa
Date: April 05, 2019 05:25PM
That's a sweet coin you dug there.I'll leave it the way you found it,Looks great.

Re: Nox 800 Scores my first gold coin- 1852 1 Dollar
Posted by: Sataro
Date: April 06, 2019 02:52PM
Congrats on that amazing find!

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